Wardrobes play an important role in your home décor. Whether you live in a mansion or in an apartment your wardrobe helps you manage your clothes better. All you need is a well-designed wardrobe to make your room clutter free. Even a small closet makes a big difference. There are numerous small wardrobe designs to choose from. You may also See Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Small Wardrobe Storage Idea

small wardrobe storage idea


If you have limited space then narrowing your wardrobe designs will suit your interiors the best. You can increase hanging space in your wardrobe by adding an extra hanging rod. Use narrow shelves and drawers to segregate other articles like towels, files and shoes.

Walk-In Wardrobe Storage

walk in wardrobe storage

Design by Hall Developments

You can effectively use your small walk-in wardrobe to create a variety of storage options. Use full-length wardrobes from floor to ceiling to arrange your belongings. Divide hanging space to organize formal and informal clothing and use shelves to keep your costly footwear. Use drawers to store accessories like scarves, ties, and others.

Diy Wardrobe Storage Idea

diy wardrobe storage idea


Simple DIY ideas can help you get some extra storage space in your wardrobe. You can use extended rods to double your hanging space. You can use easily available shelf dividers and make sure your pile of shirts does not mix with sweaters and trousers. You can fix hook on the inside of wardrobe doors to hang accessories like scarves, belts, and ties. You can also check out French Furniture Designs

Small Closet Storage Design

small closet storage design


Sometimes small closets make you feel how you are going to use that small space. You can increase the store space of your closet by making slim cabinets outside the closet doors. These slim cabinets are perfect for storing accessories, shoes or toiletries. They not only increase the attractiveness of your interiors but also give you free floor space.

Small Pine Wardrobe with Drawer

small pine wardrobe with drawer


A small pine wardrobe with lower wide drawers along its breadth increases its usability. It looks chic and the lower drawers can be used as a multipurpose cabinet to keep T-Shirts, accessories and sometimes shoes as well.

Black Wardrobe with Drawer

black wardrobe with drawer

Design by : Architology

A walk-in closet inside a walk-in wardrobe is a dramatic design. This modern design makes your walk-in wardrobe look spacious and well managed. Black adds class to the design. It has multiple drawers and hanging space with slide doors which is the ultimate solution to neat and covered interiors.

Carved Teak Wardrobe Design

carved teak wardrobe design


Carved wood brings out royal look. If you are planning for a Victorian interior, carved teak wood wardrobe design would enhance the look irrespective of the space available. It is a style statement in itself.

Free Standing Wardrobe Design

free standing wardrobe design


If you are someone who often needs to move base to meet professional commitments than a free standing wardrobe is a perfect alternative for you. There are multiple free standing wardrobe designs available to choose from. They are movable and can be easily carried. You may also See Wardrobes Trends

Small White Wardrobe Design

small white wardrobe design


Small white wardrobe designs with neat angles and plane surface add a sophisticated look to your space. White colour reflects light and makes your space look brighter. With well-placed drawers and shelves, it makes for a beautiful storage option for small space.

Small Light Oak Wardrobe

small light oak wardrobe


If you need more storage space than small wooden wardrobe closets above your wardrobe are just a perfect option for you. Light oak makes your wardrobe look lighter and overhead wardrobe closets are perfect options to store things seldom used.

White Bedroom Wardrobe Idea

white bedroom wardrobe idea


Small Bedroom Twin Wardrobe Idea

small bedroom twin wardrobe idea


Kids Room Small Wardrobe Idea

kids room small wardrobe idea


Small Bunk Bed Wall Wardrobe Idea

small bunk bed wall wardrobe idea


Small Mirror Wardrobe Design

small mirror wardrobe design


Small Maple & Gray Wardrobes

small maple gray wardrobes


Traditional Bed Gray Wardrobe Idea

traditional bed gray wardrobe idea


Wardrobe with Open Display Shelf

wardrobe with open display shelf


Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or Victorian interiors or you just want a good-looking option to conceal your belongings, wardrobes serve the purpose just perfectly. There are numerous designs to choose from. With a few DIY modifications like fixing a mirror in your wardrobe, you can further increase its functionality. With your small mirrored wardrobe you can give a miss to a bulky dressing table and save a lot of space.

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