The main idea for designing and building a living room cupboard is to provide a display area for different living room accents, accessories and necessities (like the TV and entertainment set, lamps, books, figurines, frames, and other decorative items). The cupboard may have shelves on the upper part and cabinets on the lower part – or vice versa – or the cabinets and shelves can be placed side by side. Having a cupboard is a basic aspect of small living room ideas.

Small Living Room Cupboard

small living room cupboard

If you have a small spaced living room, your main concern is how to arrange the furnishings, appliances and accents without coming up with a crowded and messed up area. With this cupboard design set on the sides of the fireplace, you can have enough living room storage for the TV and other stuff.

White Living Room Cupboard Design

white living room cupboard design

This living room has a white cupboard designed to provide storage and display space. The cupboard makes use of half of the wall space, giving room for wall lamps and a few framed artworks. You can also see Living Room Storage Cabinets

Modern Living Room Cupboard

modern living room cupboard

To make up for the limited space, this modern living room has an eqaully modern cupboard. The cabinetry over the fireplace big enough for storage and the one beside the fireplace provide extra space. The tall shelf can be used as a display space or a living room bookshelf.

Midcentury Living Room Cupboard

midcentury living room cupboard

Design by Chris Snook

The floating shelf on this living room is unique and definitely nice in rich brown wood color. The matching brown cabinet is a perfect storage, while the set of white low cabinets provides both storage and display space.

Built In Living Room Cupboard

built in living room cupboard

This built in living room cupboard is designed the traditional way. It has shelving spaces for books, accessories, collections and other decorative pieces. It also has a side space for a framed artpiece, a set of cabinets on the lower part and using the top spaces for the small lights is great idea.

Large Living Room Cupboard

large living room cupboard

This large cupboard provides the perfect solution for storage and display in this open spaced living area. There is enough cabinets to allow for large storage needs, and the display area should be sufficient for the TV and some knick knacks.

Living Room Wood Cupboard Design

living room wood cupboard design

The cupboard used for this living room serves as storage and display furniture. It is done in white to match the rest of the room, giving the whole ares an illusion of a big space.

Living Room Glass Cupboard

living room glass cupboard

A glass cupboard provides a display space that protects the items from dust and dirt. This living has one that is used as a bookshelf and display shelf, set on the sides of the fireplace with an interesting framed artpiece above.

Living Room TV Cupboard

living room tv cupboard

This limited spaced living room is designed to have the most basic essentials like the fireplace, the TV, a painting and shelves with pretty decorative pieces. This has been made possible through the use of this uniquely designed living room TV cupboard.

Black Living Room Cupboard

black living room cupboard

This living room cupboard is designed to provide spaces for the TV, books, the lamp and some knick knacks. The cabinet on the lower part allows you to store important items.

Traditional Living Room Cupboard Design

traditional living room cupboard design

Fireplace Living Room Cupboard Design

fireplace living room cupboard design

Living Room Hardwood Cupboard Design

living room hardwood cupboard design

Open Living Room Cupboard

open living room cupboard

Rustic Cupboard Living Room

rustic cupboard living room

Vintage Living Room Cupboard

vintage living room cupboard

Beach Style Living Room Cupboard

beach style living room cupboard

Every living room should have enough space for a living room cabinet, shelf or display space. A cupboard can provide all that. If you have a fireplace, it is best to design your cupboard system on its sides, that way you can efficiently make use of the wall space. You can also have the TV placed in the middle if you do not have a fireplace.

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