Have you been constantly browsing the internet for the past few weeks to get ideas about designing a compact living room? Well, there are a lot of factors that will make your compact living room look good. The idea here is not just about adding some modular cabinetry that can be pushed into the walls or sofas that integrate a storage space underneath. Elements like color, lighting and layout add to the worthiness of a design. Let’s look at some examples to understand better.

Compact Living Room Furniture

compact living room furniture


When it is about making more room space in your living room, the choice of furniture should be minimalistic. As shown in this example, the living room is largely limited to a part of the floor towards the entrance of the house. However, it is the sofa and other seating that defines the space from the rest of the room.

Modern Compact Living Room

modern compact living room

Design Helena Bryan

If you are short on floor space, look for furniture that perfectly fits your arrangement. As opposed to the common belief, the need for free floor space is more important for a living room than the seating arrangement it has. Use the walls and ceiling for any kind of decorative installation.

Compact Living Room Interiors

compact living room interiors


Again, minimalistic furniture is the theme of this living look. Though the arrangement looks rich, it is not highlighted by decorative furniture but by the color and texture of the arrangement.

Compact Kitchen Living Room Combo

compact kitchen living room


If your living room is fused into the kitchen space, as in most modern households, you have the opportunity to do more. In this case, the living room space is well defined by a plush leather sofa and a couple of colorful chairs. However, it is due to the vast length of space all around that the living room look airy and fresh.

Compact Living Room Storage Idea

living room compact storage idea


Your living room chairs don’t always need to meet just a single functionality. As this example shows, the rich chairs here doubly act as impressive free standing storage units. Most wouldn’t have thought about it!

Compact Living Dining Room Cambo

compact living dining room


When most families are facing a crunch for space in their properties, fusing the dining and living room together has become a common way of going about things. Well, having an unrestricted floor space doesn’t mean that the dining room will intrude into the living space. Using color and lighting, you can clearly define the living room from the dining.

Small Space Campact Furniture Design

small space furniture design


For experienced interior designers, space has never been an issue against achieving richness. This will be the perfect example to explain how the use of materials, color, and lighting has transformed a small room into a rich living space.

Space Saving Campact Living Room Furniture

space saving living room furniture


Depending on the theme of your living room décor, you can go for a variety of furniture. In modern day, the availability and use of slimmer and minimalistic furniture and appliances have become common. Wall mounted TVs spare the need to integrate a TV cupboard. Similarly, sofas can double act as storage units.

Small Living Space Decor

small living space decor

Design by : Chris A Dorsey Photography

As already put forward, compact living space is all about finding elements that serve dual functionalities. Minimalistic furnishing and adequate lighting will always beef up a small space.

White Compact Living Room Decor

loft living room compact


Compact Living Room Furniture Set

loft living room with glass compact


Traditional Compact Living Room

traditional compact living room


Outdoor Compact Living Room Idea

outdoor living compact idea


Eclectic Compact Living Room

eclectic compact living room


Small Compact Living Room Idea

small living room compact idea


Compact Living Room Wood Furniture

living room with wood compact


Colorful Compact Living Room

colorful compact living room


Compact Living Room Kitchen Idea

compact living room kitchen


Compact Living Room Furniture Design

luxury compact living room design


We hope you found what you came looking for. A formal and small living room don’t need to do too much. Just ensure that your bare necessities for the floor space are covered. Do leave a feedback on what you personally think of these ideas.

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