When you crave for the right accessories to boost up the look of your living room, there are several compelling ideas for you. People looking out for a perfect Living Room Staging design are experimental with the looks of the room. They try to incorporate the best designs to gain a better price when the house is sold in the market. Even a small living room can be elegantly designed to gain a blissful interior. Here are ten beautiful living room staging ideas for you to incorporate.

Small Living Room Staging Idea

small living room staging idea


Small living rooms can be made to look compact and sophisticated with bright sunroom paint colors and cottage-like ceiling. The furnished wooden floor looks great with the embroidered carpet in the centre. Get white-based soft textured furniture for the room.

Apartment Living Room Staging

apartment living room staging


People having a fascination for white interior will find the perfect match with this design in their drawing rooms. The spot lightings on the ceiling makes the room look rich and elegant. The soft cushions are white in color, and goes well with a leather central table and a low bookshelf in the room. You can also see White Living Room Designs

Staging Living Room with Fireplace

staging living room with fireplace


This setting is tailored for living rooms in cold areas. When you have a fireplace in your living room, you can deliver a rustic look to the room. A brick fireplace looks contrasting with the polished interior. Opt for white walls, brown floors and matching furniture for the room.

Formal Living Room Staging

formal living room staging


You can get a formal attire for a living room with high ceiling and great architectural designs. Focus on the furniture placement in the room with arched walls. The brown paved floor has a good compatibility with the dark brown furniture in the room.

Contemporary Staged Living Room

contemporary staged living room


When it comes to Contemporary Living Room settings, you can bank on a wooden cornice to get a sleek and simple look for the room. Place the grey sofa sets along the side walls. White walls and wooden flooring goes well with this setting. Apart from that, the textured grey mattress and red-based portraits on the walls look beautiful. You can also see Outdoor Living Room Design

Vintage Living Room Staging

vintage living room staging


People having a knack for vintage living styles can get in touch with brown living room furniture. There are a number of white-based portraits on the walls. Get a rough textured carpet for the room, light brown in color. The deep blue leather stools before the glass table look contrasting.

Living Room Furniture Staging

living room furniture staging


A living room looks conspicuous when there is a lot of bright and bold furniture in the room. In this setting, the dark and polished shelves have a good compatibility with the cream-white sofas. Arrange the sofas in an ‘L’ pattern on a brown textured carpet. In the centre, place a square table with a decorative piece in the centre.

Transitional Living Room Staging

transitional living room staging

Design by : Robeson Design

True elegance lies in the right choice of colors. The Black and White Living Room comes alive when you choose the right placement of furniture. There are black-based inverted pleat curtains in the room that has a good match with the dark colored windows and frames around the portraits.

Cottage Living Room Staging

cottage living room staging


In case you have a kitchen-cum-living room, you can you opt for a hardwood floor design. The white architectural design on the ceiling looks elegant. The grey sofas with thick cushions have a good match with the rectangular brown table in the center.

Traditional Staging Living Room

traditional staging living room


People sometimes try to stick to the traditional look when it comes to living room staging. The wood-finished floor looks elegant in the spacious room. There is a matching contrast with the dark brown sofa and white stand-alone chairs. Get a cream-colored floor mat in between to place the small, black leathered table.

Staging Living Room Wall Art

staging living room wall art


Staging Living Room Floor Rug Idea

staging living room floor rug idea


Staging Living Room Sleek Design

staging living room sleek design


Decorative Staging Living Room

decorative staging living room


Classic Staging Living Room

classic staging living room

Design by : Nina Romanyuk

Modern Decor Staging Living Room

modern decor staging living room


Creative Staging Living Room

creative staging living room


Small Staging Living Room Design

small staging living room design


When you strike the right combination of Living Room Staging furniture and accessories, you can get a stunning look even with least architectural designs in the room. Keep the wall paint color and floorings at the back of your mind when you plan the living room staging. You may have new ideas when it comes to designing the living rooms. Feel free to let us know about your innovative ideas.

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