The shabby chic feature in home decor is a coveted and popular theme for interior designers of present time. Gone are the days when interior decoration was about ornate furnishing of giant wooden furniture with intricate curving on their surfaces and matched up drape. Now you can buy single piece furniture from any antique fair or auction sale and place it amidst your sequentially showcased furniture. Manage to get a French style settee from any auction sale and decorate it with white velvety cushion to make a comfy sitting arrangement.

Cottage Bedroom With Reclaimed Furniture

cottage bedroom with reclaimed furniture

Photo By: Funky Junk Interiors

White Cottage Sunroom With Tan Wicker Furniture

white cottage sunroom with tan wicker furniture

Photo By: Four Seasons Sunrooms

Purple Cottage Kids Room With Miniature Furniture

purple cottage kids room with miniature furniture

After furnishing all parts of your home often the most significant area of your home i.e. your kitchen remains unattended. Modern apartments have closed cabinets where you put all your crockery and other essentials safe and covered. You can bring a change you can replace your shelves with open cabinetry. The bonze knobs of the cabinets will give an aristocratic panache to your overall interior.

Green Cottage Living Room With Slip Covered Furniture

green cottage living room with slipcovered furniture

Photo By: Funky Junk Interiors

Transitional Living Room With Traditional Shabby Chic Look

transitional living room with traditional shabby chic look

Photo By: Grace Blu Designs

Weathered Furniture-Style Vanity

weathered furniture style vanity

Photo By: Roger Scheck Photography

Outdoor Living Space With Wicker Furniture

outdoor living space with wicker furniture

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Teen Bedroom With Painted Shabby Chic Furniture

teen bedroom with painted shabby chic furniture

Photo By: Posh Interiors

There is almost an array of furniture among the shabby chic category from which you can choose your furnishing items. A Coastal Chic Console Table or a Shabby Velvety Ottoman will add an extravagant look to your décor. Even a Coastal Chic End

White Cabinets and Furniture in Kitchen Room

white cabinets and furniture in kitchen room

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Shabby Chic Living Space With Furniture

shabby chic living space with furniture

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Eclectic Living Room Features Shabby Chic Furniture

eclectic living room features shabby chic furniture

Photo By: Bill Stengel Photography

An Eclectic Mix Of Distressed Furniture

an eclectic mix of distressed furniture

Photo By: Somerset Bay

Cottage Plush Outdoor Furniture

cottege plush outdoor furniture

Photo By: Posh Interiors

Traditional Furniture in White

an eclectic mix of wicker and traditional furniture in whites

Photo By: Sherwin-Williams

Yellow Cottage Master Bedroom With Shabby Chic Furniture

yellow cottage master bedroom with shabby chic furniture

Photo By: Posh Interiors

Shabby Chic Style Furniture in Living Room

shabby chic style furniture in living room1

Electric Shabby Chic Style Bedroom With Gray Bed

electric shabby chic style bedroom with bed

Industrial Living Room With Elegant Furniture

industrial living room with elegant furniture

Traditional Kids Room With Patterned Furniture

traditional kidsroom with patterned furniture

Architect: Petr Kozeykin

Shabby Chic Style Dining Room With Dining Table

shabby chic style dining room with dining table

Shabby Chic Style Living Room With White Furniture

shabby chic style living room with white furniture

Tray Table or a Loft Chic designer End Table can be added to your collection of bedroom furniture for an elegant appeal.
You can get various innovative ideas if you consult a professional interior designer. Your interior is a reflection of your personal taste and your sense of belongling!

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