Porches are the perfect places to relax, unwind and spend time in complete peace. Perhaps, they are an ideal escape within the home from the bustling, stressful lives. There are tons of cottage porch designs to choose from, shabby chic to pretty adornments, you can select a porch design that best goes with the theme of your house. We have collected some of the breathtaking cottage porch design ideas for you as follows:

Small Cottage Porch Design

small cottage porch design


This small cottage style porch design house is cozy, comfy and beautiful. It features wonderful wood porch columns with a swing patio door. The house has a brown rooftop with greenery surrounding the cottage and has a gorgeous view outside. A perfect escape from the hustle bustle! You can also see Rustic Porch Designs

Beach Cottage Porch Idea

beach cottage porch idea


This amazing coastal cottage built on the seaside offers a breathtaking beach view to its inhabitants. The house is built in a cottage style with white exteriors and a wooden brown door and two lighting in the entrance and a white chair. You can also see Eclectic Porch Ideas

Classic Cottage Porch

classic cottage porch


This is a classic lakeside cottage porch with a wooden ceiling and fan attached to it. The patio consists of several sofas and coffee table for spending some time cracking conversations with the family. The cottage is built in a traditional style with a modern twist.

Modern Back Porch Design

modern back porch design


This modern back end porch design with stairs and has a pendant light. The roof is made of a warm wood along with dusky wood decking. The wall inside the cottage is painted in color gray and is surrounded with greenery outside. The outdoor area is more of like an open space without the roof.

Cottage Screened In Porch

cottage screened porch


This screened cottage porch built in the Greek style is and is fully screened. The outdoor garden is adorned with beautiful pots with flowers planted within. The porch is built with standing pillars and is designed in a classic white color.

Country Cottage Porch Idea

country cottage porch idea


This is a modern lake house cottage built in the countryside with glass doors where the beauty of the lake view can be enjoyed. The pitch of the roofline is built in an open way inside the cottage are chairs placed to enjoy the amazing view outside.

Shabby Chic Cottage Porch

shabby chic style cottage porch

Design by : Shannon Malone

This farmhouse designed in a shabby chic style is a perfect little cottage to escape from the city life and enjoy your time spending in this quiet place. The porch of the cottage is built in a strict block style which is straight and flat.

Victorian Cottage Porch

victorian cottage porch


This Victorian style cottage porch is a small covered one with two separate portions which are made distinct with an arch. The cottage features several beautiful interiors and décor such as the seating, lights etc.

Eclectic Cottage Front Porch

eclectic cottage front porch


This eclectic cottage with a front porch design is exquisite and is simple yet elegantly designed. It features a large sized gabled roof and the cottage is covered with greens as the surroundings on all sides. It is a cute and lovely looking cottage with elegant exteriors and interiors.

Traditional Cottage Back Porch

traditional cottage back porch


This traditional cottage featuring a back porch in a traditional style is beautiful. The porch is clean and has vertical line prints in it. The twist in this traditional porch is that it has a top framing and has recessed lighting to the porch.

Country Cottage Front Porch

country cottage front porch


White Cottage Porch Idea

white cottage porch idea


Pool Side Cottage Porch

pool side cottage porch


Cottage Porch Furniture Idea

cottage porch furnished idea


Wooden Cottage Porch Idea

decorative cottage porch


Rustic Cottage Porch Idea

rustic cottage porch idea


Narrow Cottage Porch Design

private cottage porch design


Cottage porch designs are in plenty today. Choosing the right one that meets the requirement of a specific cottage is crucial. From traditional porches to shabby chic designs, one can choose the right kind of porch design that goes well with the cottage you are designing. The above cottage porch designs have been selected from a wide range of designs to help you narrow down your choices and build your own creative porch.

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