Outdoor lighting is one of the best things you can get for your garden in order to make it a safe place during the darker months, but it is also a beautiful addition to use as a design element so that you can really enjoy your garden. This list has put together some of the most beautiful outdoor lighting designs that serve both a safety element and a beautiful design, so that you can make your garden one that you will enjoy being in. You may also See Fountain Light Designs

Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor string lighting is a very simple string light design with hardwearing bulbs. This design and style of outdoor lighting is perfect for a patio or street design, as they can be easily hung across trees and walls to create a beautiful design feature.

outdoor string lighting

Nick Noyes Architecture

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting design is easily fitted to an exterior wall to provide light and make the outdoor area much safer. Most outdoor lighting is a simple metal box light that can be used in many different styles of design to provide a simple and useful light source.

outdoor wall lighting

Noel Cross+Architects

Outdoor Patio Lights

Outdoor patio lights are a very easy way to light up a space in order to keep it safe, but also to illuminate the space. Outdoor patio lights can come as standing columns, lanterns or floor lighting.

outdoor patio lights

Native Son Design Studio

Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Outdoor pendant lighting design usually uses beautiful glass and metal elements to create a hanging pendant. This lighting design is perfect for a patio to light up a seating area for relaxing and enjoying the garden. Outdoor pendant lighting design is perfect for a more traditional style of garden.

outdoor pendant lighting

Todd Peddicord Designs

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting designs highlight areas of the garden such as stairs, trees, and rocks to add a beautiful design element to the area. This type of lighting design also highlights any dangerous areas, such as the stairs, making the area safer.

outdoor landscape lighting

Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Modern Outdoor Lighting

Modern outdoor lighting is usually very simplistic and chic and adds an illumination to the outdoor space. These lights offer the same safety purposes as other outdoor lighting designs, as well as a modern twist.

modern outdoor lighting

Jim Schmid Photography

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceiling lights come in many different designs so that you can design a space as you wish. Outdoor ceiling lights offer light to the space in order to make it safe, but also to allow people to enjoy the space after dark.

outdoor ceiling lights

RTA Studio Residential Architects

Outdoor Porch Lighting

Outdoor porch lighting also comes in many different designs for you to choose from in order to create the space that you want. Porch lighting provides light on the porch after dark and can act as a security deterrent if linked to a movement sensor. You may also See Basement Lighting Designs

outdoor porch lighting

Friehauf Architects Inc.

Outdoor Garage Lighting

Garage lighting usually consists LED lighting to provide plenty of light to a garage, which generally does not have windows to allow natural light to flood the space. Garage lighting is usually quite harsh and very simple.

outdoor garage lighting

Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

Hanging Outdoor Lights

Outdoor hanging lanterns are a very traditional and rustic design of a ceiling hung lantern. The designs are usually made from glass and metal, and give a homely and rustic feel to a garden or outdoor area in order to illuminate the space.

hanging outdoor lights

Cathy Morehead

Outdoor Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is very similar to patio lighting. It can come in many different designs, and can be set into the deck itself in order to illuminate the edge of the decking on order to illuminate the space, but also act as a safety precaution, showing you where the edge or stairs of the decking lie.

outdoor deck lighting

Acorn Garden Houses

Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Rustic outdoor lighting is usually made from a cast copper, and designs include hanging lanterns, pendant lighting, and other more traditional styles of lighting. These designs are perfect to incorporate into your garden and create a rustic feel. Rustic outdoor lighting designs are perfect for a country cottage design element.

rustic outdoor lighting

Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting designs are very modern, chic, and sleek looking, and are usually quite simplistic in their designs. They are ideal for a modern style of garden or social space in order to provide light after the sun goes down.

contemporary outdoor lighting

We Got Lites

Vintage Outdoor Lighting

Vintage outdoor lighting usually comes in the style of hanging or fixed lanterns and usually uses metals such as cast copper, as they are more traditional. This design of outdoor lighting is perfect for a more traditional style of home as they are very elegant and beautiful.

vintage outdoor lighting


Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Outdoor kitchen lighting designs are usually a simple cast metal lighting design with a caged design. These designs are perfect for an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area to create a rustic feel to the area, as well as acting as a warming space heater for cooler nights. You may also See Office Ceiling Light Designs

outdoor kitchen lighting

Dena Brody Interiors

These outdoor lighting designs offer you a wealth of choice for many different lighting purposes for design purposes, but also to make the outside area much safer. We are confident that this list has options for every garden in order to utilize the space and create a gorgeous outdoor design.

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