Lighting plays a major role in transforming the look of a space. It not only enhances the look and feel of a space but also adds to the ambiance of the living space. A variety of light fittings are used for creating several lighting schemes and effects that match the requirement of a particular place. Ranging from kitchen lighting to bedroom lighting and even garden lighting, there are several thousand tons of lighting designs available to choose from.

Garden Lighting Designs

Garden lighting has to be very unique and something interesting as it is to be used outdoors and at large. You can set up LED lights in the stairway of your garden so that it glows beautifully at nights.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Design

outdoor garden lighting design

Deakinlock Garden Design

Contemporary Garden Lighting Design

contemporary garden lighting design

Design by Rolling Stone Landscapes

Small Garden Lighting Design

small garden lighting design1

Design by The Association of Professional Landscapers

Kitchen Lighting Designs

While choosing lighting design for kitchen, be very choosy as the effect of light on a space like a kitchen should be subtle and not too bright. You could make use of pendant lights with a dullish yellow hue.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Design

kitchen ceiling lighting design

Design by Julia Kleyman

Kitchen Island Lighting Design

kitchen island lighting design

Kitchen Led Lighting Design

kitchen led lighting design

Bathroom Lighting Designs

For the bathroom, ceiling LED lights work best! You could also use lanterns or antique finish lighting for the bathroom space, especially if you have an earthy color scheme with rustic décor.

Luxury Bathroom Lighting Design

luxury bathroom lighting design

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Design

bathroom vanity lighting design

Design by Bonin Architects & Associates

Small Bathroom Lighting Design

small bathroom lighting design

Design by The Ransom Company

Landscape Lighting Designs

A landscape should primarily have sober lighting effects as the main highlight of landscapes is nature and greenery. Choose lights which enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

outdoor landscape lighting design1

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

residential landscape lighting design1

186 Lighting Design Group

Outdoor Lighting Designs

Outdoor lighting has to be a little more intense, bright and bold compared to the indoors. Whether it is your patio or balcony or even a backyard, lighting designs should be interesting and eye-catchy. During the festive decorations, you can make use of hanging balls, LED floating lights, lanterns, etc.

Outdoor Patio Lighting Design

outdoor patio lighting design

Design by FormLA Landscaping

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Design

outdoor christmas lighting design

Home Theater Lighting Designs

A home theater is the entertainment hub of a house and the lighting has to be chosen suitably. You could make use of a variety of lights such as the popular color changing LED light strip somewhere around the room, as it will add drama to the space.

Home Theater Ceiling Lighting Idea

home theater ceiling lighting idea

Design by Teragon Developments & Construction Inc

Home Theater Floor Lighting Design

home theater floor lighting design

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Home Theater Wall Sconce Lighting

home theater wall sconce lighting

Design by Blackbird Interiors

Basement Lighting Designs

We all know basements are dull, dark and gloomy so it is vital that you choose the appropriate lighting design. Important design elements for basement lighting include ambient, task, recessed and accent.

Basement Stair Lighting Idea

basement stair lighting idea

Photo by Chris Snook

Basement Bar Lighting Idea

basement bar lighting idea

Photo by Damon Searles

Basement Bedroom Lighting Idea

basement bedroom lighting idea

Peel Paulson Design Studio

Living Room Lighting Designs

Natural glow emitting LED lights fixed in the ceiling alongside lantern lights or chandelier lights are preferred in a living room. While chandelier lighting or pendant lights can be turned on during the night, LED lights provide a natural look during the day.

Living Room Ceiling Lighting Design

living room ceiling lighting design

Living Room Recessed Lighting Idea

living room recessed lighting idea

Patio Lighting Designs

Patios are perfect places for partying and even chilling around with family and friends. String lights are an awesome lighting option in your patio as it offers a zing bling effect to your space. And more especially when it is decorated with during night, it adds an extra appeal to the space. Decorate your patio with a hint of bling lights for enhancing the party spirit.

Patio Deck Lighting Design

patio deck lighting design

Karen Garlanger Designs

Covered Patio Lighting Design

covered patio lighting design

Garage Lighting Designs

Garages are dark and gloomy spaces and for them appropriate lighting is essential. For a garage, it is preferable to use lights that are large and emit bright effects since the activities under a garage require a very well functioning lighting. Consider LED lights or maybe even fluorescent lights for your garage.

Garage Fluorescent Lighting Design

garage fluorescent lighting design

Garage Interior Lighting Idea

garage interior lighting idea

Design by Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

Gym Lighting Designs

A gym is a place where you work out and you sweat it out so obviously it has to be clean, airy and light. Choose a lighting effect that makes the gym vibrant, energetic and full of zeal. Consider innovative lighting and what can be better than natural lighting? Natural lighting allows a more energizing effect in the space than artificial lighting.

Home Gym Lighting Design

home gym lighting design

Renewal Design-Build

Garage Gym Lighting Idea

garage gym lighting idea

Design by John Kraemer & Sons

Roof Lighting Designs

When it comes to the roof or ceiling, LED lights are the most popularly used ones. However, people also like to incorporate chandelier lights and even pendant lights for a different look. Recessed ceiling lights are also a great option for your living space.

Roof Terrace Lighting Design

roof terrace lighting design

Design by Blackbox Design Studios

Roof Garden Lighting Idea

roof garden lighting idea

Design by dSpace Studio

Roof Deck Lighting Idea

roof deck lighting idea

Herlong & Associates Architecture + Interiors

Home Office Lighting Designs

A home office is the place where you wish to work in peace and thus appropriate lighting here plays a major role. Ambient lighting is preferred with ceiling high fixtures that add a comfortable feel to the working space.

Home Office Ceiling Lighting

home office ceiling lighting

Design by d Richards Interiors

Small Home Office Lighting Idea

small home office lighting idea

Design by Marie Newton, Closets Redefined

Home Office Pendant Lighting

home office pendant lighting

Staircase Lighting Designs

Staircase lighting is essential as it provides safety and security to the stairway. Also, adding staircase lighting is a nice way to make it look pretty and keep your stairway glowing.

Staircase Wall Lighting Idea

staircase wall lighting idea

Photo by Peter A. Sellar

Indoor Staircase Lighting Idea

indoor staircase lighting idea

Bedroom Lighting Designs

A bedroom is the place for a good and peaceful night’s sleep, thus the lighting needs to be bright so that the mornings don’t become lazy and sleepy. Two types of lights should be incorporated including dimmers as well as bright lights. Dimmers should create the mood for sleep whereas bright lights to wake you up in mornings.

Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Design

bedroom ceiling lighting design

Bedroom Recessed Lighting Design

bedroom recessed lighting design

Photo by Edmunds Studios

Bedroom Wall Lighting Design

bedroom wall lighting design

Svetlana Filippova Art and Design

Dining Room Lighting Designs

Dining rooms are meant for family conversations and retreats and thus in a dining area should have the best mood lighting. Chandeliers are a common choice in dining spaces apart from pendant lights, ceiling LED lights and the like.

Dining Room Pendant Lighting Idea

dining room pendant lighting idea

Design by Brandon Architects

Dining Room Track Lighting Idea

dining room track lighting idea

Design by Karen Maximo-Fernando

Dining Room Wall Lighting Idea

dining room wall lighting idea

Modern Lighting Designs

Modern lighting designs include a wide array of lights such as pendants, wall sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, LED strip lights, lanterns and so on. Modern lighting may be used in contemporary homes and even luxury homes for a fine finish.

Modern Ceiling Lighting Design

modern ceiling lighting design

Design by Griffin Enright Architects

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting Idea

modern kitchen pendant lighting idea

Design by Hollub Homes

Hallway Lighting Designs

Hallway lighting should include pendulum light fixtures and a lot of natural light options. A hallway should have no dark space and must have an ample amount of natural lighting to keep the space crisp and fresh.

Hallway Recessed Lighting Design

hallway recessed lighting design

Traditional Hallway Lighting Design

traditional hallway lighting design

Design by REFINED, LLC

Backyard Lighting Designs

You can illuminate your backyard through the use of LED lighting which can be done for the purpose of marking the garden backyard. You could also do some DIY electrical lighting and wiring and make use of LED strip lights for decoration.

Backyard String Lighting Idea

backyard string lighting idea

Samuel Design Group

Backyard Fence Lighting Idea

backyard fence lighting idea

Design by Hudson Place Realty Inc

Lighting designs are available in a myriad of varieties, choosing one that suits your space can be tricky. We have collected for you several ideas on what kind of lighting design is suitable to a particular space. We hope you draw inspiration from one or all of the above design ideas.

Importance of Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of décor in any space, be it indoor or outdoor. A fine lighting can take the space from looking drab to fab! Thus, choosing the right lighting that can impact the ambiance, flow, look and feel of a space is vital. Proper lighting also facilitates safety and security of a space. Moreover, lights can enhance the moods and can have a lasting impact on people.

Decorating Tips

  • Choose lighting that sets the mood and can further enhance it.
  • Use light fixtures that match with the décor of your space.
  • When lightening up dark spaces, make use of bright lights that can make the space glow instantly.
  • Make use of dimmer lights for a duller and more composed look.

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