The kitchen can be the busiest room in the house, especially if it includes the dining area. Lighting can be one of the more important design elements of the kitchen. The amount of lighting required will depend on the size and layout of the kitchen and its various elements may require only a central ceiling light, with perhaps one or two focus lights at select locations. More complex kitchens will need a blend of general, focus and accent lighting.

Classic Kitchen With Pendant Lighting

classic kitchen with pendant lighting

Photo By: Joy Yagid

Contemporary Kitchen With Modern Lighting

contemporary kitchen with modern lighting

Interior Design For Kitchen

interior design for kitchen

General lighting can consist of a decorative chandelier or with recessed lighting. It is better to use chandeliers with semi-transparent glass instead of fabric shades for easier cleaning. Recessed lights are best places around the perimeter of the kitchen to illuminate all spaces.

Gray and White Kitchen With Globe Light

gray and white kitchen with globe light

Marble Island Kitchen Lighting Idea

marble island kitchen lighting idea

Photo By: Andre Bernard

Kitchen Design With Cable Light

kitchen design with cable light

L Shaped Kitchen With Cabinet

l shaped kitchen cabinet

Design By: Catherine Nakahara

Open Kitchen Lighting

open kitchen design lighting

Traditional Kitchen Design Picture

traditional kitchen design picture

Black Kitchen With Red Pendant Lights

black kitchen with red pendant lights

Photo By: Eric Dennon

Sky Blue Kitchen With Trio Lights

sky blue kitchen with trio lights

Stylish Transitional Kitchen Lights

stylish transitional kitchen

Neutral Kitchen With Chandeliers

neutral kitchen with chandeliers

Photo By: Teresa Ryback

you may need some lighting fixtures under the kitchen cabinets directly over the stoves. Install the fixtures under the cabinet floor and not against the wall for more even distribution of light.You may also have lights with dimmer capabilities. Having different levels of lighting adds depth and interesting dimensions to the overall ambience.

White Kitchen With Hanging Lights

white kitchen with hanging lights

Ample Lighting Design Idea

ample lighting design idea

Black Teardrop Pendant Kitchen Lights

black teardrop pendant kitchen lights

Modern Kitchen With Luxurious Lighting

modern kitchen with luxurious lighting

Renovated Large Kitchen Lighting

renovated large kitchen lighting

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Colorful Antique Light Design

colorful antique light design

Stainless Lights For Kitchen

stainless lights for kitchen

Design By: Drury Design

You can also use recessed lighting to focus on certain definite elements of the kitchen, like cooking range, baking facility and dishwashing. Recessed lighting fixtures come in a variety of materials and designs so you can select those that best complement the kitchen decor. On the other hand rail and track lighting systems are gaining in popularity because of their flexibility, which allows you to change the lighting focus.

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