Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets are some of the most innovative assets that people love to possess. When it comes to designing the kitchen, there are vast and varied ideas for you and you can always personalise them. You can have colorful, elegant kitchens in the vibrant ambience and live up to the best of grandeur. So, if you are passionate about housing, here are ten outdoor kitchen cabinet ideas for you. You may also See Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Tropical Bright Outdoor Kitchen Idea

tropical bright outdoor kitchen idea


You can make the kitchen really vibrant. Design the kitchen with a cottage-like roof, with colourful walls and sophisticated articles placed on the decks. There are cabinets with smooth, shiny tops to work on three sides, with well-designed sinks and stylish finish. You can hang stylish lantern-shaped lights overhead to yield the stunning look.

Spacious Mediterranean Patio Kitchen

spacious mediterranean patio kitchen


When you crave for a spacious, well-planned outdoor kitchen, you can get an all-side open shed, beautifully made with sloping sides. The combination of cream and red goes well with black wrought iron tables and chairs. The colour of floor needs to complement that of the walls.

Marble Stone Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

marble stone outdoor kitchen cabinets


You can incorporate the marble stone kitchen idea well if you have walls that are paved with marbles and similar floors. The steel cabinets are placed along the walls, with sinks and utensils on the top. Plant a few orchids in decks to complete the look,

Wooden Vintage Rustic Kitchen

wooden vintage rustic kitchen


People who have a taste for antiquity will enjoy this look of the kitchen. You need to incorporate the wooden colours, dark and light seamlessly so that you acquire the vintage look. With dark-topped cabinets on all three sides, a centrally-placed sink will deliver a royal look. You can design the walls, beams and floors with wood.

Compo Traditional Outdoor Kitchen

compo traditional outdoor kitchen


This is a perfect blend of wood, glass and brick-design in the kitchen. You can have the supporting beams painted in a light shade, and use a darker shade of yellow-brown for the tops and floors. Elegant round tables with chairs and smart cabinets by the sides are perfect for the kitchen.

Stone Wall Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

stone wall outdoor kitchen cabinets


Rocky walls and cabinets in various shades of brown will deliver a royal look to the outdoor kitchen. Install a false ceiling with round lights to make the look even more gorgeous. Place the cabinets in the rock-designed walls near the floor. Black chairs will be perfect for the setting.

Rustic Open Cabinet Kitchen Idea

rustic open cabinet kitchen idea

Designed By : Towne & Country Design, Inc

You will love the metal outdoor kitchen cabinets, which is suitable for rooms with arching, white pillars and sophisticated slabs. The metal cabinets go well with a wooden ceiling, burnished in a dark shade. This is one of the sleekest settings. You may also See Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Spring Modern Kitchen Cabinets

spring modern kitchen cabinets

Designed By : Chicago Green Design Inc.

You can make the kitchen luxurious and splendid when you choose bright yellow colour for the low-walls. Place various plants along the border in decks. Metal cabinets and appliances will make the kitchen look really smart. You can install some comfortable sitting-cum lying arrangements here.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Idea

traditional outdoor kitchen idea


You will definitely like this setting with built in grill cabinets, with wooden ceiling and matching beams. Metal furniture, with all its elegance, looks conspicuous in the centre. The skylight, along with the spiral-light design boosts up the look. This is ideal for a bar.

Oak Wood Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

oak wood outdoor kitchen cabinets


The luxurious oak wood modular outdoor kitchen cabinets carry the royal beauty, with white walls and high windows. Steel cabinets and yellow rectangular tiles look vibrant. This is a trendy open concept kitchen with wood lighting fixtures. This is really a classy choice. You may also See Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Simple Idea

outdoor kitchen simple idea


Beach Style Outdoor Kitchen

beach style outdoor kitchen

Designed By : Tim Ditchfield Architects

Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen Design

farmhouse outdoor kitchen design


Royal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

royal outdoor kitchen cabinets


Vintage Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

vintage wooden outdoor kitchen


When you look out for the ideal, personalised kitchen, you will definitely like all these ideas and try to have a compatible setting within your home. You just need to tailor the kitchen according to your needs. You may come up with your own, innovative ideas and share them with us.

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