When you think of a personalised kitchen, the first think that comes to your mind is the kitchen storage area. The cabinets, shelves and other areas, where you store your kitchen accessories are to be crafted with an eye to retain a modern look. Well, even compact kitchens can have spacious storage areas, you just have to make a proper planning when you remodel your kitchen. Here are some ideas related to kitchen cabinet designs that you can incorporate in your home.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you have a small kitchen, look out for the corners. These are spacious area where you can chip in a rack or a wooden shelf. Even a few planks of polished wood can create a charming place to keep the essential things.

Small Modern Kitchen Storage

small modern kitchen storage


Simple Small Kitchen Storage Design

simple small kitchen storage design

Photo by Simon Kennedy

Modern Kitchen Storage Design

In modern kitchens, the areas under the windows provide sufficient room to keep the goods. You can craft a small cupboard in the walls in order to utilise the space. Use the vertical space of the room by installing wall cabinets on all three walls, except the doorway. You may also see Kitchen Corner Shelves Designs

Modern Kitchen with Wooden Storage Cabinets

modern kitchen with wooden storage cabinets


Modern White Kitchen Storage Idea

modern white kitchen storage idea


Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

Kitchen pantries have a lot of storage areas. You can install multiple racks in the room, along the walls. These can be complimented by low floor cabinets with sliding doors. Look out for the compatibility between the wooden doors of the cabinets and other wooden furniture in the kitchen. You may also see Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Small Kitchen Pantry Storage Design

small kitchen pantry storage design


Contemporary Kitchen Pantry Storage Idea

contemporary kitchen pantry storage idea


Kitchen Wall Storage Design

The kitchen walls can be judiciously used to place the necessary objects, without spoiling the charm of the paint. For instance, you can install burnished racks or plans in the walls to keep the goods. When polished by seasoned professionals, the wooden planks emit a gloss that can deliver a cultured look in the kitchen. You may also see Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen Built -In Wall Storage

kitchen built in wall storage


Traditional Kitchen Wall Storage Idea

traditional kitchen wall storage idea

J. Hirsch Interior Design

Kitchen Storage Furniture Design

Storage furniture in the kitchen can be tailored as per the requirements. High wall cabinets are ideal for small kitchens. The space above the backsplash can be used to place utensils. Fix a wooden rack in this area to store up the essential things in the kitchen. You may also see Brown Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Gray Kitchen Storage Furniture Design

grey kitchen storage furniture design


White Kitchen Storage Furniture Design

white kitchen storage furniture design


Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are of various categories and you need to assess the available area in your room to build the cabinets. These can be floor cabinets, wall cabinets, sliding door cabinets and so on.

Modular Kitchen Storage Cabinets

modular kitchen storage cabinets

Photo by Chris Snook

Wood Kitchen Storage Cabinets Design

wood kitchen storage cabinets design


White Kitchen Storage Ideas

A white kitchen looks the best when you complement the white walls with brightly coloured storage areas and accessories. You can design a white backsplash for the kitchen. Install a floor cabinet below the area and place a high shelf above the area to ensure that no space is wasted. You may also see White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Contemporary White Kitchen Storage Idea

contemporary white kiitchen storage idea


Cool White Kitchen Storage Idea

cool white kitchen storage idea


Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas

In many modern homes, people divert special focus for the corners. Corner cabinets in the rooms can do away with the wastage of space. You can even place other accessories above the shelves and cabinets in the corner.

Simple Corner Kitchen Storage Idea

corner built in wall kitchen storage idea


Corner Built-In Wall Kitchen Storage

corner built in wall kitchen storage


Outdoor Kitchen Storage Design

Outdoor kitchens are common in cottages and villas. You can incorporate a stone finish for the countertop, and use the area below it to create a small cabinet. In outdoor kitchens, you can install other furniture close to the main cooking area, so that you can utilise the available space economically.

Outdoor Kitchen with Wooden Storage Cabinets

outdoor kitchen with wooden storage cabinets


Small Outdoor Kitchen Storage

small outdoor kitchen storage


DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

Here, you need to try out your own innovations. Hooks, racks, tops of shelves and other areas are used to place the kitchen accessories. You can polish the cabinets and shelves, or burnish them in light wooden colour to make them visually pleasing.

Tiny DIY Kitchen Storage Idea

tiny diy kitchen storage idea


DIY Outdoor Kitchen Storage Idea

diy outdoor kitchen storage idea

Design by SJ Renovations

Every corner of your kitchen can be used economically if you design the storage areas in a well-planned manner. The kitchen designs vary according to the architectural structure of the houses and hence, people can try out innovative storage areas in the kitchens. You can come up with your own kitchen storage ideas and share them with us.

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