Pink is the color of compassion, love and nurture. The color has been in use for quite a long time. But! Chandeliers and hanging lights are the new concept. The time since the color came into use, some glimpses of it may be seen in the movie ‘gone with the wind’.

Black Bathroom Pink Crystal Chandelier Ideas

black bathroom pink crystal chandelier ideas

lifespan Constructions

Stunning Kids Room Chandelier Ideas

stunning kids room chandelier ideas

Scinta Designs

Large Drum Kitchen Chandelier Ideas

large drum kitchen chandelier ideas

Hausmann Kitchens Designs

These days the color pink is used for chandelier or hanging lights especially in the rooms of children and primarily in the girl’s room. There are some who are blessed to have daughters and being one of those, you may get one today.

Soft Pink Kids Room Chandelier Ideas

soft pink kids room chandelier ideas


Kids Bedroom Pink Chandelier Designs

kids bedroom pink chandelier designs

Tamra Rubin Designs

Hot Pink Crystal Chandelier Model

hot pink crystal chandelier model


Sparkling Crystal Chandelier Ideas

sparkling crystal chandelier ideas


Not just bedrooms or the private spaces, it can be the living room also decorated well with pink chandeliers. They look real nice. It is the shade that matters the most. Get the one that suits your personality and come across as exactly that.

Modish Bedroom Chandelier Lamp Designs

modish bedroom chandelier lamp designs


Bold Pink Ball Prism Chandelier Models

bold pink ball prism chadeeier models


Soft Pink Chandelier Light Shade Ideas

soft pink chandelier light shade ideas


White and Pink Chandelier Shades Ideas

white and pink chandelier shades ideas


Custom light Pink Chandelier Designs

beach style kids room with simple pink chandelier


Fancy Kids Room Chandelier Ideas

fancy kids room chandelier ideas


Decorative Dining Room Chandelier Design

decorative dining room chandelier designs


Beautiful Pink Crystal Chandelier Designs

beautiful pink crystal chandelier designs


Cool Chandelier Lights Ideas

cool chandelier lights ideas


Pink Bedroom with shiny pink chandelier

pink bedroom with shiny pink chandelier


Modish Flowing Chandelier Ideas

modish flowing chandelier ideas


Bright Living Room Pink chandelier

bright living room pink chandelier

Photo By: Tim Douglas of Fidelis Studio

Contemporary Kitchen With Pink Chandelier Ideas

contemporary kitchen with pink chandelier


Amazing Kids Room Chandelier Lamp Model

amazing kids room chandelier lamp model


living Room With Pink Chandelier

industrial living room with pink chandelier


Eclectic bedroom with pink chandelier

eclectic bedroom with pink chandelier


Pink Chandelier Crystal Teardrop Ideas

pink chandelier crystal teardrop ideas


Sassy Kitchen Pink Beads Chandelier Model

sassy kitchen pink beads chandlier model

Brighter shades of pink express brightness and energy while reflecting vibrancies simultaneously. The market is full of options. Being the kind who has a bright personality and exhibit exuberance, you may opt for brighter shades of pink, and if you have a personality that is soft and tender, go for the softer shades. Check your own self and see what speaks of you.

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