Whether it is sumptuous or minimally streamlined, the chandeliers are the statement pieces that can act as the focal point in any room. In both expected and surprising ways, the embellished pieces can turn around the complete look of the room. If you are looking for inspiration to give your home a dazzling or traditional transition we have today compiled the 10 design that will satiate your glistening curiosity.

1. Chandelier from FontanaArte

chandelier chandelier from fontanaarte

The chandelier was designed by David Chipperfield back in 2004 and was imported from Italy. The chandelier chandelier features a sleek style and structure of metal grey or black aluminium. The stainless steel suspension cables accentuate the look further.

2. Cottage Style Lantern Chandelier

cottage style lantern chandelier

The lantern-style light pendants in this neat cottage dining room do not just bring the pop of colour but also work out well with the mint green chairs and the pink accents. The room with the beautiful colours and abundant source of natural light is the perfect place to dine during summer months.

3. Contemporary Globe Chandelier

contemporary globe chandelier

This globe style crystal chandelier is definitely an attention grabber in the contemporary dining room. The low profile table and chairs in the room further direct all the attention to the stunning light fixture.

4. Coastal Style Chandelier

coastal style chandelier

If you are looking for something subtle and graceful, this coastal style chandelier is definitely the best fit. This coral-inspired chandelier is beautifully complemented with blue graphic wallpaper and white furnishings. This coastal dining room with its cool and relaxed vibe will definitely make you feel like you are at the beach.

5. Rustic and Repurposed Chandelier

rustic and repurposed chandelier

The croquet mallets of this chandelier were bought from a flea market and after a lot of planned modification, the design was pieced together. This rustic design was not initially thought of as a chandelier but we must say it was definitely meant to be one.

6. Red Hanging Chandelier

red hanging chandelier

These red hanging chandeliers carry a timeless charm which is beautifully paired with blue azulejos panels dated 1725 and signed by the Portuguese masters of that time. The chandeliers hanging from the 25-foot ceiling bring in the colour and light in a unique style.

7. Modern Style Chandelier

modern style chandelier

This modern style chandelier in Los Angeles dining room comes with an angled style that brings a punch of flavour and personality to space.

8. Black Crystal Chandelier

black crystal chandelier

If you don’t have to stick to a budget and are in a mood to splurge, this elegant black crystal chandelier by KOKET is perfect to enhance a luxurious dining space. The elegant shape of the chandelier is  intensified further with the black crystal of  different sizes placed one by one by artisans.

9. Pendant Style Chandelier

pendant style chandelier

This modern pendant chandelier carries a minimal and exclusive design that can bring a sophisticated charm to the luxury dining rooms especially if you place two or three together above the dining table.

10. Wood Beam Chandelier

wood beam chandelier

This wooden beam chandelier combines both wood and steel. The uniform and cohesive appearance make it a delight for any style of decor. Each wood beam is distressed in a different style making every piece unique and special. The adjustable suspension cord lets you adjust the height of the chandelier.

Make a bright style statement with these unconventional chandeliers and give your home the much needed transformation.

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