Lamps are created to provide adequate lighting to a room or space. Floor lamps are used to add aesthetic appeal and to fill up empty spaces like nooks and corners. The lighting design options you have if you want floor lamps include; modern, industrial, contemporary, rustic, metal, vintage, and more. In choosing your floor lamps, it is essential to match them with your existing interior design if you want everything to match. If not, they just go for whatever takes your fancy.

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps have the minimalistic designs. They can be easily set up in corners because they do not take much space. The base is usually rounded, and the body can be straight or arched, while the lighting itself can be single lampshade style or multiple small lights that can light up in different directions.

Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

modern tripod floor lamp


Modern White Floor Lamp

modern white floor lamp

hodidu studio

Living Room Floor Lamps

Most floor lamps are, of course, designed to be ideally used for the living room. That is why most of them qualify as living room floor lamps. The most commonly bought floor lamps for the living are those with rounded base and metal bodies.

Contemporary Living Room Floor Lamp

contemporary living room floor lamp

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Bedroom Floor Lamps

Bedroom lamps vary in design, style and materials used. Floor lamps are becoming trendy for bedroom use. They are better than traditional desk/table top lamps because they can be easily set up in unused corners or spaces of the bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Floor Lamp

modern bedroom floor lamp

Rustic Bedroom Floor Lamp

rustic bedroom floor lamp

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Contemporary Floor Lamps

These are basically similar to modern floor lamps. They are ideal to use for interiors with equally contemporary setting.

Contemporary Black Floor Lamp

contemporary black floor lamp


Contemporary Metal Floor Lamp

contemporary metal floor lamp

Chandelier Floor Lamps

Chandeliers traditionally hang from the ceiling, but lighting designers have come up with a different version, the chandelier floor lamp. This kind of lighting option is ideal for homes with classic interior but low ceiling; it lets you enjoy the beauty of chandelier plus the efficiency of floor lighting.

Chandelier Tripod Floor Lamp

chandelier tripod floor lamp

Rustic Floor Lamps

If you are into rustic designs and accessories, rustic floor lamps are your ideal lighting option. These can come with wooden body or metal body dressed with wooden accents.

Rustic Bronze Floor Lamp

rustic bronze floor lamp

Rustic Wood Floor Lamp

rustic wood floor lamp

Vintage Floor Lamps

Vintage floor lamps are the best options for interiors with vintage furnishings. The vintage feel can be achieved through antique styling or accents.

Vintage Art Deco Floor Lamp

vintage art deco floor lamp

Floor Reading Lamps

Floor reading lamps let you enjoy your book, magazine or eBook at a corner space. This means you do not need to light up the whole room just so you can read. Most modern floor lamps are designed for such purpose.

Modern Floor Reading Lamp

modern floor reading lamp

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps are the best option is your outdoor space has no roofing. With the floor lamps, you can have adequate lighting for the whole space or for specific corners.

Outdoor Patio Floor Lamp

outdoor patio floor lamp

Modern Outdoor Floor Lamp

modern outdoor floor lamp

Industrial Floor Lamps

The good thing about industrial floor lamps is that they are in trend these days. They come in different styles and designs like; tripod and spotlight style, bronze finished, or the street lamp design.

Industrial Pipe Floor Lamp


Wooden Floor Lamps

These are floor lamps with thicker bodies made of wood. The good thing about wooden floor lamps is that they can look vintage and rustic at the same time.

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

wooden tripod floor lamp

Vintage Wooden Floor Lamp

vintage wooden floor lamp

Crystal Floor Lamps

These floor lamps are just beautiful and they add enchanting feel into any room. Having them in the corners of a room is like hanging sparkling crystal gems all around your home.

Crystal Beaded Floor Lamp

crystal beaded floor lamp

Vintage Crystal Floor Lamp

vintage crystal floor lamp

Kid’s Floor Lamps

If you are looking for lighting option for your kid’s bedroom, there are floor lamps that are available in colorful designs. These are also known as kid’s floor lamps.

White Kids Room Floor Lamp

kid’s floor lamps


Girls Room Floor Lamp

girls room floor lamp


Square Floor Lamps

A square floor can be one with single square housing top with the light inside. It can also be a stack-up design with several square casings. They are very modern in design.

White Square Floor Lamp

white square floor lamp

Contemporary Square Floor Lamp

contemporary square

Metal Floor Lamps

Metal floor lamps are perfect for minimalistic designed or contemporary interiors. They come in different styles or shapes like arched, curved, straight or multi-angled.

Black Metal Floor Lamp


Modern Metal Floor Lamp

modern mteal

Traditional Floor Lamps

These are the same in styling as in vintage floor lamps. The only difference is that the latter match any kind of furnishing or interior design.

Traditional Metal Floor Lamps

traditional metal floor lamps

Vintage Traditional Floor Lamp


Corner Floor Lamps

Most floor lamps are designed to be used for nooks and corners. The best ones are those with slim bodies that can be easily set up on even the most cramped corner space.

Tall Corner Floor Lamp

tall corner

Tripod Corner Floor Lamp

tripod corner

Office Floor Lamps

The best floor lamps for the office are those with traditional design because they render some kind of professional feel. The best options are those with dark metal finish.

Home Office Floor Lamp

home office floor lamp

Sectional Floor Lamps

The term sectional is usually used in connection with sofas. When it comes to sectional floor lamps, these are the ones designed to provide sufficient lighting from the spaces in between the sections or the arched types that can be set up behind the sofa.

Modern Sectional Floor Lamp

modern sectional floor lamp

Metal Sectional Floor Lamp

metal sectional sofa

Curved Floor Lamps

Curved floor lamps may look like the arched styled floor lamps. But the curved styles usually have the curves starting from the bottom so the whole body is really curve all the way and not just on the top part.

Metal Curved Floor Lamp

curved metal floor lamp

Uses of Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps are ideal to use for spaces that are limited because they can be set up even in the nooks and corners of the room. They can provide adequate lighting especially for room with low ceilings that cannot accommodate pendant lights or chandeliers.

There are many choices for home interior and exterior lighting. One such option is the floor lamp. Of course, there are also several kinds or designs for floor lamps. If you want the classic feel, you can go for the vintage floor lamp. There are also floor lamps designed for kids’ bedrooms and these are the colorful kinds. The important thing to know when choosing floor lamps is that you need a flat flooring or ground space because the base should be stable to hold the lighting effectively.

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