Mother Nature has given us many things. Some of the blessings may be seen in the form of lamps that were once used by the kings and the queens. From walnut wood to ivory, you imagine and there is a very high degree of probability of you finding its presence in one of forts/ castles/ palaces. In Windsor Castle there is one.

Wood Texture Floor Lamp Ideas

wood texture floor lamp ideas


Interior Decor DIY Wooden Lamps

interior decor diy wooden lamps


Wooden Solid Diy Lamp Design

wooden solid diy lamp design


In the current times lamps are designed as per the need and specificity of the users. You may also make them yourself if you are keen on doing so. It is very creative and fun to make lamps. If the paraphernalia is available, sky is the limit. Imagine and make.

Wooden Shades Floor Lamp Design

wooden shades floor lamp design

Karen Aston Design

Living Room DIY Wooden Floor Lamp Ideas

living room diy wooden floor lamp ideas

Chris Snook Photography

Unique DIY Floor Lamp Ideas

unique diy floor lamp ideas


If you have a plank of wood and have some empty, not to be used, similar looking jars, get them. Hang the plank from the ceiling and fix the jars with a bulb fixed inside them, connected with some power source and there you go. You have your lamp cum chandelier ready to be used.

Tripod Floor Lamp Diy Design

tripod floor lamp diy design


Wooden DIY Lamp Model

wooden diy lamp model1


Wooden DIY Tulip Lamp Model

wooden diy tulip lamp model


Rustic Wood DIY Lamp Model

rustic wood diy lamp model1


Kids Room Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

kids room wood tripod floor lamp


Hardwood DIY Lamp Ideas

hardwood diy lamp ideas

Mike Warren Designs

Handmade DIY Lamp Ideas

handmade diy lamp ideas


Antique DIY Floor Lamp Decor Design

antique diy floor lamp decor design


Classic Living Room Wooden Lamp

classic living room wooden lamp


Classic Living Room Wooden Lamp

creative wooden desk lamp ideas


Decorative Handmade Wooden lantern

decorative handmade wooden lantern


Diy Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

diy wooden tripod floor lamp


Wooden Single Pole Floor Lamp Ideas

wooden single pole floor lamp ideas1

If you have a restaurant or a resort or a hotel, you may use the same plank, cut in the shape of an arrow, with multiple bulbs fixed on it, and hang it to show directions. Likewise, if you have some wood in the cylindrical form, cut some heart shapes on it, fix a bulb supported with a battery and gift it to someone you love.

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