Light is a necessity in every room. Especially in spaces where you need more light for day to day functions, incorporating unique and stylish lighting designs will make your space look brighter. For this reason vanity lights are a great way to further intensify the style of the space while providing sufficient light. In this post, you will find a collection of vanity lights that we put together for you in order to help you.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Before you go on and choose a bathroom vanity light you have to be conscious of the mirror’s measurements. This will help you determine the number of lights you might need as well as the positioning of the lighting fixtures. You may also see Bathroom Lighting Designs

Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights

modern bathroom vanity lights

Double Vanity Lighting Designs

Double vanities require more light. Placing your lights between your mirrors at about eye level will help create the right balance in your bathroom with symmetrical designs. Additionally you can place the fixtures above your mirror with downward light direction. You may also see Bathroom Vanity Lighting Designs

Traditional Double Vanity Lighting

traditional double vanity lighting

Makeup Vanity with Lights

For a makeup vanity you need lighting that will eliminate the shadows in the contours of your face. You can go for an elegant mirror design with built in light fixtures or a set of light bars to add personality.

Makeup Vanity with Crystal Lights

makeup vanity with crystal lights

Rustic Vanity Lighting Ideas

A well designed lighting in rustic style is going to bring a fashionable impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Naked bulbs, wire, metal and mason jars can give you all the required details to attain the rustic design. You may also see Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Rustic Vanity Hanging Lighting

rustic vanity hanging lighting

Industrial Vanity Light Ideas

Iron, stainless steel and oil-brushed bronze are only a few of the materials used in industrial lights. These designs have a sophisticated aspect that looks incredible in industrial and contemporary bathrooms. Metallic designs are considered to be trending this theme.

Industrial Vanity Track Lighting

industrial vanity track lighting

Modern Vanity Lighting Ideas

Shapes are leading the trends when it comes in modern lighting fixtures for vanities. Squares, spheres and cylinders will bring a compact look in your bathroom while adding elegance. Choose a design with frosted or stained glass for extra personality.

Contemporary Modern Vanity Lighting

contemporary modern vanity lighting

Diy Vanity Lighting Ideas

If do a research across the web you will find many different diy projects for vanity lights. The most trending designs come with a variety of rustic and industrial materials like wood, glass and metal to create fantastic designs yourself.

Diy Vanity Pendant Lighting

diy vanity pendant lighting

Bedroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

For a sophisticated design in your bedroom you can install a set of wall lights on each side of the vanity’s mirror. You can choose the design based on the room’s style in order to add depth and extra character.

Farmhouse Bedroom Vanity Lighting

farmhouse bedroom vanity lighting

Figura Kitchens & Interiors

Contemporary Vanity Lights

Crystal and glass enjoy a great compatibility with metal. The contemporary style demands elegance and simplicity at the same time. You can achieve that with a designer vanity light that you can place on the sides or above the mirrors.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Lights

contemporary bathroom vanity lights

Vintage Vanity Lights

Incorporating an embellished design for your vanity’s lighting will give you a classic style that can also be found in outdoor lighting. Vintage lighting fixtures have a timeless beauty that can bring a pleasing design for your bathroom and bedroom.

Simple Vintage Vanity Lights

simple vintage vanity lights

Crystal Vanity Lighting Ideas

Crystal lights are the epitome of luxury. You would want to go for a luxurious design in order to bring an expensive look in your space. Many lighting fixtures integrate classic designs with modern style bringing you an everlasting beauty.

Contemporary Crystal Vanity Lighting

contemporary crystal vanity lighting

Hanging Vanity Lights

Hanging vanity lights will give you the opportunity to accentuate you vanity. You can go for a dazzling design with crystals or for a frosty glass design that will make you space look stylish shedding ample light to cover your needs.

Hanging Bathroom Vanity Lighting

hanging bathroom vanity lighting

Vanity Track Lighting Ideas

Track lights will help you get the right amount of light the moment you need it the most. These light fixtures can be adjusted at any moment while they will give an exhibit style in your bathroom’s vanity area.

Best Vanity Track Lighting

best vanity track lighting

Combine modern aesthetics with classic beauty. Most vanity light fixtures have a decorative design that allows you to incorporate various materials in one space. You can also make a difference by using wall scones in a classic look bringing a pop of color in a monochrome space. Depending on the size of the room you can choose the design that integrates sophisticated glamour while obediently following the room’s size for optimum results in a bathroom.

From light bars to wall lights you can find a plethora of designs to incorporate in your bathroom lighting. It is important to be able to apply your makeup or shave with precision without worry about the light. Add a dose of charm in your space with the right lighting.

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