Confused about the lamp design to choose for your computer desk? Installing proper lighting has always been an overlooked aspect of a work space or a room. The correct amount of light ensures that you are neither too overwhelmed with the amount of light nor straining your eyes hard to be able to read properly. Computer desk lamps come in several designs and shapes and include down lights, pendants, vanity lighting and even focus lighting. Depending upon the task at hand, you can switch to different ones at different times of the day. Here are some great examples on how to install computer desk lamps.

Small Computer Desk Lamp

small computer desk lamp

If you are in the habit of working late on your laptop or bring in your project to the computer desk while everyone is asleep, here’s the perfect way to go about it. A small desk lamp should give you enough light to do work comfortably while keeping the ambient light to the minimum. However, it is advisable that you also install a back light to reduce the strain upon your eyes. Light from a single source can be tasking.

Led Computer Desk Lamp

led computer desk lamp

LEDs have come about to redefine lighting requirements in any household. As presented in this example, a smooth white LED desk lap installed by your computer will create the perfect ambiance to do your work without strain. LEDs will also consume less energy and wont heat up, thus reducing the risk of injury even if you happen to accidentally touch it.

Computer Desk Lighting Idea

computer desk lighting idea

Be it in the office or your private study in your home, a computer desk can do a lot better with added desk lighting. It is not necessary that you always go for a traditionally designed study lamp for the lighting purpose. A focused ceiling light too can meet the purpose well.

Cool Computer Desk Lamps

cool computer desk lamps

This example shows the flexibility of lamp installing designs when it comes to lighting up your computer table. Overhanging lamps such as these can be both functional look highly unique. They are also an addition to your exiting décor and don’t demand a lot of investment.

Modern Computer Desk Lamp

modern computer desk lamp

Desk lamps can be quite quirky. As shown in this example, this low desk lamp offers more than just the “cool” feature. Low to the table, it lights up the desk but doesn’t strain the eyes too much. If you have a cool interior décor in the rest of the room, this could be a perfect addition.

Glass Table Lamps

glass table lamps

Glass table lamps look unique in all kinds of spaces. If you are into regular studying after dark, this blue glass lamp design can be the highlight of the room. Adding both purpose and looks to the overall décor, they would be loved by any home maker.

Ceramic Desk Lamps

ceramic desk lamps

If you want to take the décor element a notch higher, these ceramic lamps on your study desk can be amazing additions. The look is really unique and they seem to transform the overall décor altogether.

Large Desk Lamps Idea

large desk lamps idea

To light up a bigger area, you can use these overhead desk lamps fixed to the adjacent walls. There are a lot of creative designs available in local stores across the globe.

Wooden Table Lamps Idea

wooden table lamps idea

Wooden tables and turned down cup shaped table lamps always go hand in hand. Fix a warm light to add a different dimension to the décor.

Beautiful Computer desk lamp

beautiful computer desk lamp

Small desk lamps such as these can always brighten up the study space. Depending on the number of hours you are looking to work after dark, these lamps can be quite the installation in your home.

Outer view Computer desk Lamp

outer view computer desk lamp

Home Office Computer Desk Lamp

home office computer desk lamp

Outdoor view Desk Lamp

outdoor view desk lamp

Eclectic Modern Desk Lamp

eclectic modern desk lamp

Kids Desk Small Lamp Idea

kids desk small lamp idea

Window Desk Lamp Idea

window desk lamp idea

Unique Computer Desk Lamp idea

unique computer desk lamp idea

Fluorescent Computer Desk Lamp
fluorescent computer desk lamp

Search the online marketplaces to come across really cool desk lamps. Home and office desk lamps are an important part of any study table décor. Choose widely.

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