In these digital times, it is imperative that you have a computer desk in your home or office. These desks are best suited for people who spend a lot of time in front of their computers. They are comfortable and offer easy access to other items that you may need when working on your computer. Below are some of the most unique and modern computer desk ideas and designs.

White Color Computer Desk Design

white color computer desk design

Nest Design Studio

This is a clean computer desk, all in white, including the seats. It is ideal for one who wants to have a pristine working space, free from clutter and distractions.

L Shaped Black Glass Computer Desk

l shaped black glass computer desk

This is a computer desk set in the traditional L-Shape. It is clean and smooth allowing you to have a great working space. The glass top adds some style to the design.

White Modern Computer Desk with Locking Drawers

white modern computer desk with locking drawers

This is your usual computer desk design with drawers on the side which can be locked for the safety of personal items. It is clean and ideal for studying.

Trendy Computer Desk Design

trendy computer desk design

House and Homes Palm Springs

This is a long and narrow computer desk, which has a V-Shaped shelf where you can keep books and other reference material which you use when you are working.

Rustic Home Office Computer Desk

rustic home office computer desk

Artistic Designs for Living

This is designed with rustic wood that looks like it has been aged. The desk fits in very well with the décor of the room, giving a seamless working environment.

Modern Computer Desk with Floating Glass

modern computer desk with floating glass

Sarah Greenman

This is a computer desk comprised of a narrow frame, and covered with a glass top, that seems to be floating above the frame. Special supports are used to give this effect.

Simple Computer Desk Model

simple computer desk model

This is a computer table made of Plexiglas that has been molded to give it a great, curvy look. It comes with a matching bucket seat, ideal for snuggling in when you are working.

Unique Computer Desk Under the Stairs

unique computer desk under the stairs

Photo by Leslie Goodwin

If you have any space under the stairs, you can make good use of it by placing this computer desk there. You save on space in other parts of the room and have a secluded place to work.

Contemporary Wooden Computer Desk Design

contemporary wooden computer desk design

Kathy Daukant Interiors

This is a computer table that is made to look like a modern office desk. It is quite stout and gives an aura of seriousness that is great for one who has clients coming to the home office.

Nice Computer Desk with Steel Shelves

nice computer desk with steel shelves

Michael K Chen Architecture

This is a computer desk where the main table is placed in an enclave and the shelves are fixed on the wall; great for organizing your workspace.

Classic White Computer Desk Design

classic white computer desk design

This is a simple desk, ideal for a clean working space. It has a sliding chest of drawers that you can roll under the desk when you do not need it.

Beautiful Computer Desk Design

beautiful computer desk design

Jute Home

This is a two-person computer desk set against the wall. It is great for people who want to work together on the same projects, or a couple who may be doing their own projects, but want to work near one another.

Stylish Design Computer Desk

stylish design computer desk

Modern Glass Computer Desk Design

modern glass computer desk design

Ultra Stylish Computer Desk

ultra stylish computer desk

Solid Wood Computer Desk

solid wood computer desk

Girl’s Pink Color Computer Desk

girls pink color computer desk

Black Metal Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

black metal computer desk with keyboard tray

Grey Color Corner Side Computer Desk

grey color corner side computer desk

Awesome Computer Desk for Office Usage

awesome computer desk design for office usage

A computer desk is very important since it helps you work better. You need space that does not distract you from your work. At best, the space should be well organized so you can get any material that you need without any challenge. Try out these designs and see your workplace being transformed.

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