The Rolling desk idea is basically derived from the late nineteenth century when modernization took place and pedestal desks were modified to form a space saving desk with a series of stacked compartments. The shelves, nooks, and drawers were used as accessories with the small desk. The modern computer desk came into use much later with the provision of a roll-top desk and a desktop surface. They were covered with links wooden slats called the tambour. You may also see Space Saving Desk Designs

Small Rolling Desk Design

small rolling desk design

These are also referred as a Carlton house desk. These have linked wooden slats consisting of a few rolls or slides through which you can raise the sides of the desk. These are very easily accessible for young children. Computers, laptops, and other portable devices can easily be kept over the small desk rooftops.

Vintage Rolling Desk Design

vintage rolling desk design

They are the elegant and functional desk, which can greatly fit within the limited living spaces. They can be framed with metals. Vintage rolling desks can be used to keep the miscellaneous laptop and other kinds of desktop accessories. You can add rolling casters or wheels and enjoy the mobility of your rolling desks. You may also see Shelf Desk Designs

Unique Rolling Desk Idea

wooden rolling desk idea

Design by Kimberley Bryan

This is a kind of a winsome adjustable laptop cart that devotes a unique and antique look to your living room or study room. Beautifully constructed drawers are also there that are made of solid oak. These solid birch drawers give a vintage look to the desk as well as the room.

Rolling Computer Desk

rolling computer desk

These desks comprise of a manual knob that can be used in the form of slanted table accessory. They are greatly in demand due to their facility of height and angle adjustable option. All of them have wheels or casters. You can choose the surface dimension according to your preference.

Wooden Rolling Desk Design

modern rolling desk

These are laptop carts with splitting table tops and a smooth, beautiful color coating. They can be easily cleaned as they have slide toppers on both ends that are convenient to use at varying angles and designs.

Metal Rolling Desk Design

metal rolling desk design

The metal surfaces usually look gorgeous and shiny. They are also more durable than the other varieties. They have adjustable wheels and angles which you can move from one place to another according to the requirement of the user. Thus, it is mostly liked by everyone.

Adjustable Rolling Desk

adjustable rolling desk

The angles of visualization and heights can be changed in accordance with our need. They can be used by both students, teenagers, and office purpose. They are easily preferred by people as you do not need to tilt or bend your head, and neck, shoulders for too long that may cause several disorders of the body joints.

Traditional Rolling Desk

traditional rolling desk1

The traditional desks are good and you can use them as mobile carts. They are a few antique as the materials used enhance the property of the desk.

Mediterranean Rolling Desk Design

mediterranean rolling desk design

Among all the desk varieties, this one is the most ethnic variant that imparts a retro look to the desk along with the room. You may also see Modern Computer Desk Designs

Modern Rolling Desk Design

modern rolling desk design

Bedroom Rolling Desk Design

bedroom side rolling desk design

Rustic Rolling Desk Design

rustic rolling desk design

White Rolling Desk Design

white rolling desk design

Basement Rolling Desk Design

basement rolling desk design

Design by Haefele Design

The white desk is a preferable color variant as it suits with any wall shades. It is hard to keep it clean, but it increases the beauty of a room. As these desks have angle and height set up fixation, they are easily accessible and handy, generally preferred by the majority of the mass.

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