Small living rooms can look spacious with the right interior design and planning. One of the biggest factors to consider is choosing the best sofa. This is where small sectional sofas come in. There are several sofa designs available today, and sectionals are gaining popularity because of their space saving features. A sectional sofa is a couch that has segments that can come apart, which allows for different seating options. The following are some of the most common small sectional sofa designs. You may also See Modular Sectional Sofas

Small Leather Sectional Sofa

If you like the richness of leather and you have a limited spaced living room, your best option would be a small leather sectional sofa. You can incorporate this couch design into s classic or traditional interior designed living space.

small leather sectional sofa

Westlake Development Group, LLC

Small Modern Sectional Sofa

Small modern sectional sofas are designed for comfort and with clean lines to match the minimalistic approach of modern living.

small modern sectional sofa

P+A Interiors Inc

Outdoor Small Sectional Sofa

For the best outdoor small sectional sofa, your best bet would be a three-piece wicker seating set. This is ideal if you like entertaining outdoors like in the patio, garden or the veranda.

outdoor small sectional sofa

drozda+others architects

Small lounge Sectional Sofa

A small lounge sectional allows you to provide ample seating and enough lounging options for your family and guests. You can choose a set made of fabric covering for additional comfort or you can go for the leather set if you like the ease of cleaning.

small lounge sectional sofa

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

L-shaped Small Sectional Sofa

The L-shaped sectional sofa allows you to use up that usually ignored corner space in your living room. This is your best sectional choice if you are designing a tight-spaced entertainment area. This sectional set also allows you to have an extra sleeping option if you have an overnight guest.

l shaped small sectional sofa

EJ Interior Design, Eugenia Jesberg

Curved Small Sectional Sofa

If you love the classic look of curved furniture, you should opt for the curved small sectional. This is a good match if you have other living room features with curves or soft edges like coffee tables or ottomans.

curved small sectional sofa

Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC

Small Corner Sectional Sofa

With a small corner sectional sofa you can effectively use up all the available space in your living room. This means no to unused nooks and crannies. One of your best option is the three-piece sectional in either fabric or leather covering.

small corner sectional sofa

The Cross Interior Design

Small Sectional Sofa Design for Living Room

Your living room can look really nice even if it has a limited space with the right small sectional sofa design. Some of your best choices would be leather, fabric or tufted sectionals.

small sectional sofa design for living room

Tom Stringer Design Partners

Small Tufted Sectional Sofa

The tufted design is very classic and this provides a traditional and conventional look and feel into any room. Your living room would look classy despite its small space if you choose to add a small tufted sectional sofa into your furnishing features. You may also See Curved Sectional Sofa Designs

small tufted sectional sofa

Ben Ganje + Partners

White Small Sectional Sofa Design

A white sectional sofa is the best furnishing option if you want an immaculate living space. This is also a good match for black furnishings (like cabinets and coffee tables) if you have a black and white themed living space. You may also See Leather Sectional Sofa Designs

white small sectional sofa design

DeForest Architects

Even if your living room has limited space, you can still make it look appealing and inviting without crowding up the whole area. The trick is to choose the right sofa. With a small sectional sofa, you can provide ample seating and relaxing options for everyone, while you also save space for other living room features. A modern sectional sofa design allows you create an interior that is both functional and minimalistic in approach. Basically, a small sectional sofa is designed to multitask by providing space for seating, relaxing and stretching out for naps.

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