A sofa or a couch is an essential living room furniture. In some homes, this piece of furnishing is also used for bedrooms and other spaces. Offices use sofas for their lounges, reception area, snack room and even for informal meeting spaces. For most people one good way of using up space is to chose corner sofa design. You can go for the traditional L-shaped sofa or you can even chose retro sofa designs.

Stylish Corner Sofa Design

round corner sofa design


A corner sofa is a good option for spacious living rooms. This one is a sectional sofa, which allows for easy re-arrangement of the pieces when needed. You can keep them rounded and together, or you can set a few pieces apart if you need to use them in another space or a corner of the room.

Leather Corner Sofa Idea

leather corner sofa idea


This corner sofa is the perfect example of using the furnishing to save up space. A leather corner design like this one allows you to use the other space for different purpose, like the long shelving on this room. you can also see L Shaped Sofa Designs

Pallet Corner Sofa Design

pallet corner sofa design


Pallets are used as foundations for this wooden corner design. The couch is set on a small spaced open room to provide additional sitting space. This could be the living room or an extra room in the house. The combination of the pallets and the blue cushions is so unique that it blends rustic and comfort so perfectly. You can also see Royal Sofa Designs

Modern Corner Sofa

modern corner sofa


This modern corner sofa is actually a two piece couch set in an L position. The orange color of the leather covering adds brightness into this colorful and flashy open designed living and dining room space.

Corner Sofa for Small Living Room

corner sofa for small living room


This corner sofa is the best option for small living rooms. The set occupies the corner perfectly giving more room for the coffee table.

Sectional Corner Sofa Design

sectional corner sofa design


By using this sectional corner sofa, this living room looks spacious even though the space is actually really limited. The white rug helped in giving the illusion of space and since the sofa is set on the corner, there is enough space for a single upholstered chair.

Grey Corner Sofa

grey corner sofa

Design by Chris Snook

This rustic appealing living room is designed with the nice combination os wood and bricks. The unpolished wooden floor is the perfect match to the open-beamed ceiling. The walls (one in white and the other in neutral) allows the grey corner sofa to look great among the whole set up.

L Shaped Corner Sofa Idea

l shaped corner sofa idea


There is not much space in this interior for big or wide furnishings. That is why this L shaped corner sofa is the best choice. By setting up the sofa on walls with two windows, the occupants are given the chance to enjoy the views of the outdoors.

Curved Corner Sofa Living Room

curved corner sofa living room


This luxurious living room is designed for comfort and relaxation while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. The curved corner sofa provides the relaxing comfort while the big glass windows allow visual access into the outside world.

Fabric Corner Sofa Set

fabric corner sofa set


Red on white – this is the concept/motif that gives this room a very nice appeal. The red fabric corner sofa is wide enough to be comfortable and the pillows add splashes of color into the room.

Modern Corner Sofa Design

modern corner sofa design

Design by Coddington Design

Beach Style Corner Sofa Idea

beach style corner sofa idea


Corner Sofa Wall Art Design

corner sofa wall art design

Design by Concretica

Black Corner Sofa Design

black corner sofa design


Small Corner Sofa Design

small corner sofa design


White Leather Corner Sofa Idea

leather corner sofa idea


Traditional Corner Living Room Sofa

traditional corner sofa living room


Entryway Small Corner Sofa

entryway small corner sofa


There are several options for sofa designs. You can go for the circular, curved, sectional or one-piece couch style. There are also options for the designs like rustic, simple, modern or royal sofa design. The important thing that you should keep in mind when choosing a sofa design is your available space. Of course, a corner sofa is your best bet is your space is limited.

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