Is your need for storage compromising on the availability of floor space? Several homemakers have made the wrong choice of cabinetry and thus have suffered with their décor. However, architectural creativity ensures that shelves can be an invisible part of the household. There are several ways to go about it. Modern day sofas and beds come with storage space underneath. Further shelves can be integrated into the walls or be integrated as floating arrangements. Corner shelves too are a space saving idea. You may also see Living Room Wall Shelf Designs.

Living Room Bookshelves

living room bookshelves

Living rooms are the best space to create your book shelf space. This example again shows how you can dedicate a far wall to the needs and transform the overall ambience in a colorful and vibrant mood. Just install a unique lighting and a seating that should allow you to complete novels at a stretch! You may also see Corner Wall Shelf Designs

Floating Cabinets Living Room Idea

floating cabinets living room idea

Floating cabinets and shelves can bring about an interesting décor cum functional arrangement in your living room. The basic idea is to have a rack without any unnecessary frames. Floating shelves are ideal for rooms that already lack open floor plans.

Glass Shelves for Living Room

glass shelves for living room

Though not a space saving feature, glass shelves ensure that you are not visually limiting the openness of a living room. Glass shelves, complimented by the ideal lighting, create an illusion of spaciousness in any environment. All you got to do is finding out the perfect layout for it.

Corner Rack for Living Room

corner rack for living room

The corners of any room get the least amount of traffic compared to the rest of the floor space. Consequently, they are ideally transformed into storage spaces with corner racks and shelves. This would be the most non-intrusive way of establishing your storage. You may also see Modern Wall Shelves

Wooden Wall Shelves Idea

wooden wall shelves idea

Wooden wall shelves make perfect sense if you are already living in a rustic themed room. This example beautifully shows how a wooden shelf also integrates a modular aquarium to create an interesting environment. The dramatic play of colors and contrast will make any home owner fall in love with the idea.

White Corner Shelf Unit

white corner shelf unit

Design by : Ellie Lillstrom Photography

If your overall theme of the room is based on lighter colors, floating shelves in one of the corner will again be a functional addition to the space. Also, since you are taking the business to one of the corners, it would be a rather non-intrusive way of establishing the storage/display.

Modern Wall Shelves Idea

modern wall shelves idea

This example shows an interesting way to establish floating shelf space for display and storage without intruding upon the floor space. Another advantage of this design is that you can choose to establish the shelf at any part of the wall, depending upon your furniture layout and access needs.

Black Corner Shelf Idea

black corner shelf idea

In the examples above, we saw how maintaining the same color scheme for the wall shelf helps maximize the openness of the ambiance. Well, if you have a dark themed room, it necessitates that you go for similar color shelves.

Small Corner Shelf Design

small corner shelf design

Corner shelves and ceiling shelves, as shown in this example can be other space saving addition to any room of your house.

Living Room Shelving Units

living room shelving units

If you are dedicating a wall to the storage needs, make it count. You can have your cabinetry installed up to the ceiling. While drawers and pull out will provide easy access at the bottom of the arrangement, more permanent shelving will go on the top compartments.

White Living Room Decor Shelves

white living room decor shelves

Tinny Shelves Interior Design

tinny shelves interior design

Design by : Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Square Shelves Living Room Interior

square shelves living room interior

Living Room with Fireplace Corner Shelves

living room with fireplace shelves

Traditional Wall Corner Shelves

traditional wall shelves

Black Decorative Corner Shelves

black decorative shelves

Cozy White Shelves Living Room

cozy shelves living room

Design by :Tamara Mack Design

Beautiful Lighting Shelves

beautiful lighting shelves

Individual Cozy Shelves with Wall Art

individual cozy shelves with wall art

Trendy Shelves Living Room

trendy shelves living room

Hope you have found out the most unique ways to integrate extra wall shelf units now. We would love if you can also share your ideas with us.

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