The dining room is much more than a space where you cook and eat your food. It would become the hub for get-togethers, celebrations, entertainment and other social activities. As such, it should provide enough space to facilitate movement, storage and even décor. As your family grows, the dining room would be the first places where the footfall increases most.

Here are some ways to add to your storage. Check out these unique ideas for shelves.

Corner Dining Room Shelves

corner dining room shelves

Design by Ruth Kintzer Interior Design

Corner floating shelves make a perfect idea if you are low on floor space in your dining room. This will create an easily accessible space for keeping your essentials or even help with adding decorative elements to the theme. As such, you can use all and any corner of your dining room for the same.

Dining Room Floating Shelves

dining room floating shelves

Floating shelves have come up as a unique trend in dining room designing. Well, it does provide the advantage of creating storage space out of air! You can have floating shelves anywhere on your walls and needn’t worry about extending it to the base of the room. However, floating shelves aren’t quite meant for heavy storage.

Modern Dining Room Shelves Design

modern dining room shelves design

In this case, the shelving in the dining room has been achieved in a unique way. One of the farther edges of the room has been dedicated to open storage shelves. This also necessarily uses the space between the pillar and the opposite walls. Compliment this space with unique lighting if you are using it as a decorative addition. You can also see Hanging Wall Shelves Designs

Dining Room Glass shelves

dining room glass shelves

Design by The Interior Edge

Glass shelves present dual advantages. Firstly, they allow unlimited storage and secondly, they don’t creep upon the visual space. Glass storage is especially useful for dining room with limited floor and wall spaces for storage. However, you can also choose to use them uniquely to create an interesting décor scheme around the room.

Dining Room Open Shelves

open shelves dining room

Open shelves can be an interesting addition to any room if you have a flair for creativity. As shown in this example, you can put in a lot of different objects to add personality to the space. This will also be a perfect opportunity to do something different with all the glasses, mugs, cups and plates you have at home!

Dining Room Wall Shelves Design

dining room wall shelves design

In this example, floating shelves create an exciting and extraordinary décor addition to the wall. The layered floating shelves can be a unique idea to add decorative elements to the room. However, make sure you compliment the setting with the right kind of lighting. Also, keep the floor layout to the minimal.

White Dining Room Shelves

white dining room shelves

Design by Thorp Design

Well, this would be a common sight in most traditional homes around Europe. The white themed dining room and its storage spaces look inconspicuous. However, these square shelves would also be a great space for keeping decorative architecture like big vases and unique pottery.

Dining Room Display Shelves

dining room display shelves

If you have fused your dining space with the living space, adding some unique storage to the walls would be a great idea. As shown in this example, these wall shelves can be the perfect opportunity to add to the décor using unique installations. The items that go into the shelves could be anything you are passionate of.

Rustic Dining Room Shelves

rustic dining room shelves

In this case, the same functionalities have been achieved but on a different color scheme. The floating shelves here follow a rustic theme and so do the certain décor items placed in them. Achieved at the side of the dining area, this can be a great addition to any home.

Wooden Dining Room Shelves Design

wooden dining room shelves design

Now, this is something unique and interesting. The wood wall shelves, in this case, come in the form of square platforms and open ended on both sides. Using a combination of shapes, you can always liven up the setting.

Dining Table Wood Unit

glass dining table wood shelves idea

Classic Dining Room Shelves

classic dining room shelves

Vintage Dining Room Shelves Idea

vintage dining room shelves idea

Design by Emily McCall

Dining Room White Shelves Design

dining room white shelves design

Traditional Dining Room Shelves Idea

traditional dining room shelves idea

Unique Dining Room Shelves Design

unique dining room shelves design

White Dining Table Shelves Idea

white dining table shelves idea

Design by Specht Architects

These have been some of the gorgeous designs for integrating a shelf space in your dining room. We hope that you use them to your requirement. We would certainly like to see what you make of your dining room cabinets.

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