Along with keeping the multiple loose pieces of books or decoration pieces organised, creative storage units can help to change the look of your home easily and effortlessly. If you are looking to add storage shelves in your home, we have the 10 best minimalist and unique designs that will gel well with every style of decor.

Go ahead and experiment with the styles and make your – kitchen, living room, bedroom or office, a mix of exciting, rustic and modern.

1. Superman Floating Shelf

superhero bookshelf

If you are a comic book enthusiast what better addition to holding your books than a Superman floating bookshelf. The books hide the shelf unit and the superman action figure attaches magnetically from below.

2. Invisible Book Shelf

urban outfitters floating bookshelf

The invisible bookshelf is the perfect addition if you are looking for a minimal and simple storage wall unit. Just simply slide a hard bound book on the base and tuck the bottom cover in the hooks to prevent it from hanging loose.

3. Diamond Shaped Book Shelf


If you have geometric patterns added to the interiors of your space, a geometric pattern three tier storage shelf can be a great complementing piece for your home.

4. Fire escape Book Shelf

fire escape


Very unique and industrial in its appeal, the fire escape bookshelf is a great wall addition to your space. You can stack multiple shelves on top of each other to create your own personal skyscraper in your suburban home.

5. Simple Modern Wall Shelf


Available in a variety of colours, these simple modern wall shelves pair well with all styles of decor and themes.

6. Unpolished and Chic Bookshelf

unpolished and chic bookshelf

Another very interesting wooden shelf for the kitchen, this unpolished and distressed wooden shelf is a perfect piece display and hang your favourite mugs. The shelf would pair well with a rustic themed interior decor.

Make the organisation more fun and unusual with geeky, modern, rustic and quirky shelves to bring some personality and flavour to your space.

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