Simple yet very pleasant and elegant, polka dot print is a striking design to add to your interiors. As a majority of the elements in the home are vertical and linear, the polka dot print with its circular shape and rounded edges help to break the monotony of the straight walls, standard furniture, doorways and rugs. This fresh and simple print can be added to the walls, textiles, accessories and also floors.

Today, we are enlisting the top 10 sophisticated ways to include the polka dot print in your living space.

1. Include the Print in Your Bed Linen


Try and incorporate the polka dot print in your bedroom or living room with the help of polka dot pillow covers. Pair the polka dot pattern with the existing striped and solid printed hues in your bed covers. The simple and elegant print helps to bring a refined look to your space.

2. Peg Board


Try and include a big pegboard in your room. The board acts as a versatile and multifunctional piece to hang the shelves and increase the storage space while looking chic and fashionable with the backdrop arrangement.

3. Polka Dot Print Tile

polka dot tile

Include the elegant polka dot black and white printed tile on the bathroom floor or the wall to transform the standard and plain look of your bathroom.

4. Oversized Polka Dot Pillows

oversized polka dot pillows

Oversized polka dot print pillows give a cushy and cool feel to your space when mixed and matched with other plain or printed materials.

5. Bright Polka Dot Wall

bright polka dot wall

You can decorate your kid’s room with the polka dot print by adding the multi-colored dots on the wall of the room. The polka dots come out all the more bright and vibrant with the neutral white or off-white coloured walls.

6. Polka Dot Print Upholstered Chair

polka dot print upholstered chair1

Tiny polka dot print pattern is a great design to include in the living room chair. You can include the print in the bright bold shades or go for soft neutral shades, completely as per your preference. Upholster the old chairs with the elegant print and give a drastic makeover to your space.

7. Customised Polka Print Wallpaper

polka dot

You can also include hand stenciled stacked dots on one side of the kitchen walls. The circles placed in order help to create a wallpaper like look.

8. Polka Dot Planter


If you have plain coloured planters, one way to jazz up the look is by adding the polka dot print on the planters. The print helps to bring some fun and personality to your indoor garden space.

9. Polka Dot Bedding

polka dot bedding

Polka dot bedding is one of the easiest ways to add an eye-catching design to an otherwise plain and simple room.

10. Impermanent Polka Dot Print

impermanent polka dot print

This is one great design addition you can have in your rental space, add the temporary polka dot pattern to your wall with the help of contact paper. This can help your home get the elegant look while not shelling huge amounts of money for decorating the space.

Experiment with the charming circular print and bring a sense of scale and diversity to your space.

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