Scene hairstyle, we would have seen this a lot but not many of us know what it is called or that it has a particular name for it. Scene hairstyle is when you have straight hair in the front and the rest of your hair is long and coloured different from your actual hair colour.

More like streaks. Well, now this is for the girls, there is something different for the boys. Boys also need to have straight hair but for them, it can fall just above the eyes or it can cover the eyes till the jaw line. Well for both, it certainly looks fantastic. Let’s take a look at what we came across.

Selena Gomez Colorful Scene Hairstyle

selena gomez colorful scene hairstyle

Selena Gomez with scene hairstyle looks absolutely delightful. Her hair might not be absolutely short in front but they are short enough to compliment the rest of her hair. Coming to the streaks, well what can we say? The purple and blue combination is out of the box and gives out a very chirpy look.

Rihanna Scene Bob Hairstyle

rihanna scene bob hairstyle

Rihanna’s scene bob hairstyle is the perfect definition of hot. Her hair is perfectly cut till her cheeks whereas the rest of her hair is colored in blonde. This is definitely a scene hairstyle that Rihana has managed to carry off very nicely. People who love experimenting with short hair, this is a must try. You may also see Funky Hairstyle Designs

Katy Perry Blue Scene Hairstyle

katy perry blue scene hairstyle

Katy Perry’s blue hair looks eccentric. The scene hairstyles that also fringe make her look very young and lively. The colour blues in itself is loud and will grab a lot of attention but don’t be afraid to try this new look. You will look amazing.

Demi Lovato Long Scene Hair

demi lovato long scene hair

This is a look that you can carry of anytime, anywhere. This is an everyday look. Just cut your hair in the perfect scene hairstyle, just above your eyes and give the rest of your hair a perfect blend of black and brown. This look is very classy and will make you look very cute and adorable.

Conor Oberst Vintage Scene Hairstyle

conor oberst vintage scene hairstyle

All the boys out there, time to flaunt your hair. You can keep it messy and elegant with a haircut like this. Flaunt it neatly in front while keeping messy as usual at the back. This is a perfect style if you have straight hair.

Sonny Moore Emo Scene Hair

sonny moore emo scene hair

This is a mixture of scene hairstyle and disconnected hairstyle. A perfect blend of the duo will make you look smart. A lot of guys nowadays have long hair and don’t know how exactly to style it; this is why we have this style to inspire the boys.

Oliver Sykes Short Scene Hair

oliver sykes short scene hair

These are for boys of a younger age group. Hair cut just about right to cover your forehead and long hair at the back. If you look closely, it is colored in the perfect fusion of black and brown. Look fantastic, doesn’t it?

Cyndi Lauper Scene Haircut

cyndi lauper scene haircut

This is a bold step to take but the end result is definitely an absolute beauty. The red hair is not very common but if you get it, you will stand out and it is a new level of being eccentric.

Brandi Glenn Cyrus Scene Hairstyle

brandi glenn cyrus scene hairstyle

This simple yet elegant hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear and also for special occasions. This is simply because it is so chic. You will look like a complete fashionista with a look like this.

Davey Havok Scene haircut

davey havok scene haircut

This hairstyle is a very classy level of messy. You can have the messy hair but it needs to look perfectly elegant also and this is the look for it.

Emo Style Hair with Bangs

emo style hair with bangs


Brown Shade Hairstyle Idea

brown shade hairstyle idea


Simple Scene Hairstyle for Women

simple scene hairstyle for women


Trendy Emo Boy Hairstyle

trendy emo boy hairstyle


Funky Scene Hairstyle Idea

funky scene hairstyle idea


These are 17 perfect scene hairstyle that will make you look fashionable, hot and trendy. The specialty of this hairstyle is that it is easy unlike many others; you just need to take a bold step.

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