Minion is all you need to make fun. No Minion is the same, no matter how they look. Last year Hollywood released the funny animated film, bringing back to the scene favorite heroes, the Minions. They are great, yellow and purple and they speak an unknown language. There is no way you will not be smiling, no matter if you are a grown up or a child, this kind of a mask and makeup is popular this summer for sure, just like Crazy Makeup.

Minion Face Paint Idea

minion face paint idea

The final thing to draw on your face is gnarly, crooked teeth on the bottom. The gnarly fake teeth are a good option, but here we see a genius artistic expression on the face itself, great for Holiday Makeup.

Despicable eyes represented at this photo makes you think about details. Take a closer look and you will see that the artist decided to go to the smallest detail like to depict hairs on the head at the level of eyebrows. This will request use of tweezers in order to make more space between hairs of the eyebrow and don’t forget to make solid color fill on all details, otherwise it won’t look pretty.

Minions Costume Look

minions costume look

It will appear difficult if you try to figure out how to transform yourself into Minion character. It is easy if you make a to-do list. Starting from the head, you will probably need: yellow swim cap or yellow beanie, yellow face paint or minion mask, minion goggles, yellow top, shirt, blue overall, black mittens, black boots and your costume is ready.

Here is a perfect balance of colors and makeup. Hoodie will do the rest. This is a proof you don’t need to invest a lot of money or time to look pretty and different. Congratulations for artistic expression. Have a glimpse into the world of Fantasy Makeup.

Purple Minion Makeup

purple minion makeup

No lack of enthusiasm for the person depicted here. Turning yourself into a silly purple Minion requires an appropriate costume and glasses. Be careful to choose the correct way to make your appearance purple. For example using this purple spray to do the hair may help. Now, you are ready for the Minion party!

Yellow and Purple Minion Makeover

yellow and purple minion makeover

Use beanies, caps, hats and makeup to achieve total transformation. But the greatest accent should be given to the yellow and purple color domination.

Minion Inspired Eyeshadow

minion inspired eyeshadow

There are a few photos of the beautiful Shannon Shaw in a similar manner and this one is no exception. Look at those eyes! We just love this look. By all means humble, but it is incredible what the great artist can do, like to bring out a person’s great look and stunning personality just with an eyeshadow.

Yellow face makeup, scary teeth and crazy hair are among the special extra items you might need to paint onto your body to make a scary minion costume or appearance.

Purple Minion Mouth Makeup

purple minion mouth makeup

This kind of trendy design focuses on only one part of the face. The whole idea gravitates around nose and mouth. We adore the way how the whole picture is well rounded up.

Minion Lips Makeover

minion lips makeover


Minion Halloween Makeup Look

minion halloween makeup look

Minion makeup seems to be very popular lately like any Creative Makeup. Minions are cheerful little creatures full of energy and positive vibe. No wonder persons who sport this kind of design chose bright colors like they want to make a bold statement to the world-think as a child, be positive every day and smile like a child. The Minions all wear overalls and silly goggles, but there are they different in style and appearance. There are one-eyed or two-eyed creatures and they all chose numerous hairstyles or have no hair at all. Your choice, enjoy the fun!

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