The doll makeup designs are loved by everyone especially young girls/boys. These doll makeups can be worn to prom parties, birthday parties or theme parties. These makeups are popular as they change the overall look of the person and gives a chance to transform themselves into their favorite characters such as gothic dolls, Barbie dolls, voodoo dolls etc. These doll makeups can be easily achieved by using different colors.

Creepy Doll Makeup

Creepy doll makeup can be done in different ways for men and women. The creepy dolls usually have large dangerous looking eyes with a wide mouth, heavy eyebrows etc. The creepy doll makeup can be done by using white color to hide the lower lid and then false eyelid can be drawn with black color. They eyebrows and lips can be made to look larger using the black and red colors.

Creepy Halloween Doll Makeup

creepy halloween doll makeup


Simple Creepy Doll Makeup

simple creepy doll makeup


Halloween Doll Makeup

Halloween doll makeup is done by adding some stitches with black color on the face, some zombie-like scratches, making the eyes larger with white and black colors, making the teeth and mouth wider etc. You may also see Cat Makeup Designs

Scary Halloween Doll Makeup

scary halloween doll makeup


Halloween Doll Face Makeup

halloween doll face makeup


Doll Eye Makeup

Doll eye makeup is done by making the eyes look larger and scary by using white and black colors. The creepy look can be achieved by adding a lot of black color around one eye or both the eyes. The doll’s eyeballs are usually silver gray in color with huge eyebrows. this can be achieved by using black color and false eyeballs. You may also see Minion Makeup Designs

Doll Face Makeup

Doll’s face is achieved by creating an illusion of large eyes by using black and white colors, large smiling lips, red cheeks, large eyebrows etc. The hair can be tied into ponytails to add an extra effect. You may also see Frozen Makeup Designs

Disney Doll Face Makeup

disney doll face makeup


Doll Costume Makeup

The doll costume makeup is loved by young girls and young men and these makeups are very popular in Halloween, prom parties etc. The doll costume makeup can be achieved by creating an illusion of large scary eyes, wide mouth, big stitches, red cheeks etc.

Happy Doll Costume Makeup

happy doll costume makeup


Barbie Doll Makeup

Barbie dolls are very cute to look and the same look can be achieved by following some makeup tips. The Barbie doll has blue eyes, pink lips, pink nails, heavy eyelids etc. The Barbie doll makeup is very popular and young girls love to wear this makeup to prom parties, birthday parties etc. You may also see Rabbit Makeup Designs

Barbie Doll Hair Makeup

barbie doll hair makeup


Broken Doll Makeup

Broken dolls have a scary and a sad look. This look is created by using black color to create the broken lines, stitches, black patches around the eyes/cheeks/forehead etc. This broken doll makeup is popular with young girls.

Cool Broken Doll Makeup

cool broken doll makeup


Vodoo Doll Makeup

Voodoo dolls are normally simple ones made from cloth. This voodoo doll look can be achieved by using blue, black, white colors etc. to create wide mouth with stitches, scary black/blue eyes etc. The scary voodoo doll makeup is achieved by adding pins on the heart with colors, creating scary features etc.

Creepy Vodoo Doll Makeup

creepy vodoo doll makeup


Zombie Doll Makeup

Creating a zombie look is tough when compared to other looks. The zombie makeup can be achieved by creating 3to 4 eyes, 2 mouths, blood oozing out from the forehead, the rotten and pale skin etc. This zombie makeup is loved by young girls/boys and they love to wear them to the parties.

Scary Zombie Doll Makeup

scary zombie doll makeup


Gothic Doll Makeup

Gothic dolls have lots of dark colors such as black, dark maroon etc. The gothic doll makeup can be achieved by creating scary features by using black, dark maroon etc. This gothic doll makeup becomes more effective with black clothes.

Black Gothic Doll Makeup

black gothic doll makeup


The doll makeups are easy to achieve but practice makes anything perfect. So the favorite look can be achieved by doing some practice. Many looks can be tried and it is always safe to use good and quality face colors to do the doll makeup. When it comes to kids, it is always good to use natural colors or colors with a minimum of the chemicals. The cat makeup is very popular along with doll makeup.

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