Grunge make up designs became more popular among both the sexes in the early 90’s. It is widely used as an amazing eye makeup. This crazy make up design usually covers the lips and the eyes, to darken them in a very attractive manner. This makeup was highly carried on casuals like T-shirts, jeans, jackets and sneakers by the teens of 90’s. Some of the famous crazy makeup designs still in trend are listed below.

Soft Grunge Makeup Design

soft grunge makeup design


This is the simplest and basic grunge makeup design. It works as an attractive lower lash line, properly sculpted cheeks and glossy lips. While applying it during the day time, it is toned down. It is used for evening parties, night outs and minor functions. You may also see Formal Makeup Designs

This kind of makeup is specifically inspired by looks, hair colours, makeup choices etc. Different colours in this makeup symbolize kiss of death, unicorns, glitter, the wee hours, the aqua world, etc. This makeup is mostly worn in theme parties.

Grunge Eye Makeup Idea

grunge eye makeup idea


This classic grunge makeup gives a glance of the 90’s. It mainly works on the eyes and the lips by highlighting them. The look is perfectly balanced by greyish eye makeup and light lip colour giving it an awesome look. This make up is widely seen at parties, on dates and colleges.

This kind of makeup is found when the lips and eyes are highlighted with dark makeup. It gives a dramatic look when balanced with dark lipstick and dark coloured eye makeup. This makeup is popular during theme parties, cocktail parties, discos etc.

The most used colour for the 90’s is black and red. This makeup is highly inspired by the 90’s makeup theme. The eye makeup is given a copper shadow while the lips are left with light colour to balance the makeup. You can use this makeup for an evening party.

The main colour which gives a unique touch to this makeup is black. This makeup when highlighted with dark colours gives a marvellous cat eye look for the teens in colleges and other cocktail parties.

This grudge makeup gives magnetic effect where the eye makeup is kept mild while the lips are set to be dark along with the cheeks makeup. This makeup can be carried out in parties, colleges, offices and evening occasions.

This makeup is best used by the actors. The mild shadow and the light coloured lip accentuates the beauty the gown and other party dresses. As the name informs, it is widely used in evening parties, pubs, dinners etc.

Vampy Grunge Makeup Design

vampy grunge makeup design


This is also a theme based grunge makeup design. This makeup is set to give a zombie, vamp, witch, ghost look. The various dark colours used in the makeup give a perfect look as the name is. It is mostly seen in theme parties like the Halloween party or the vampire-themed parties.

Orange Eye Makeup Design

orange eye makeup design


This orange eye makeup design is the one you are looking for the summer parties. This summer makeup is highly worn at beach parties, cocktail parties, barbeque parties, etc.

Grunge Black Lips Makeover

grunge black lips makeover


Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

pink smokey eye makeup


Blue and Green Eye Makeup

blue and green eye makeup


Beautiful Grunge Makeup Design

beautiful grunge makeup design


Vintage Grunge Makeup Idea

vintage grunge makeup idea


Flawless Grunge Eye Makeup

flawless grunge eye makeup


Grunge Eye and Hair Makeover

grunge eye and hair makeover


This grudge makeup designs are formed when one not only adopts simple makeup but adds colours and other glittery elements to it taking makeup to a new dimension. The prom makeup design is also inspired by the grudge makeup designs as both are popularly used in theme parties by the teens.

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