Kids love the military look because it represents the hero within them. Popular, especially in hunting games, camouflage makeup is the perfect look for any person who wants to blend in with their immediate surroundings. People who love heavy makeup coverage can also opt for Chola makeup while kids of any age who love the army theme can use camo makeup to complement their military costumes. Suitable for all genders, camo makeup will make your face indistinguishable. Ypu may also See Ninja Makeup Designs

Army Camo Makeup

army camo makeup


While military inspired makeup is for making your face undetected, girls can still look cute wearing this makeup. The trick is to apply the camo makeup on the upper part of the face only and apply a nude lip color.

Ladies who are looking to add a feminine touch to their camo makeup can do so by adding glitters. In this design, the individual opts to add the camo makeup on one eye and add glitters below the other eye.

Easy Camo Makeup

easy camo makeup


This camo makeup is easy to do and suitable for ladies who prefer subtle colors. What’s good about this design is that it focuses on making the eyes and mouth stand out. The eyeshadow also matches with the lipstick.

Ladies who love outdoor activities such as hunting can use this subtle camo makeup to blend in with the environment. The trick is to paint your face with a camo color shade and wear an outfit that blends with the trees.

Perfect for complimenting your Halloween military costume, this camo inspired fall makeup is for the whole face. The bright red lipstick gives a feminine trait and while applying the makeup even on the chest shows you’re ready to hunt.

Glitter Camo Makeup

glitter camo makeup


Whether for a special photo shoot or theater performance, this glitter camo makeup is eye catching. This Mime Makeup focuses on making the eyes and lip stand out by using light green eyeshadow and adding white dots around the eyes.

This camo makeup is perfect for anyone looking for a military theme photo shoot. This look uses brown, light and dark green colors which apart from creating a beautiful face paint, also helps in making the eyes stand out.

Camo Makeup for Men

camo makeup for men


This is a practical and easy to do camo makeup that men of all ages will have fun duck hunting. It features subtle patterns done on the forehead and cheek bones using brown, green and black face paint.

You can use the camo-inspired makeup to look beautiful when going to school, for a date or when going to the mall. Girls who prefer subtle colors but love the military look can opt to apply olive green eyeshadow.

Colorful Camo Makeup

colorful camo makeup


While the standard army makeup has a green and brown color, you can choose a colorful camo makeup  to show off your fun personality. With this Avant Garde Makeup, you can go as far as using all the rainbow colors.

Camo Couple Makeup

camo couple makeup


Apply a thin layer of light brown color on your entire face without forgetting the hairline and ears. Next add the darker brown shade to the eyes, lips and on the nose bridge. Finally apply thin layers of vertical lines or patches of green color on the cheeks, part of the forehead and chin.

Camo Face Makeup

camo face makeup


While camo face paint uses three different face paint to disguise facial features, you can go for a clay based camo face paint which is scent free, will not smear or run down when you sweat and is easy to remove.

Camo Makeup for Kids

camo makeup for kids


When it comes to hunting or complementing a military theme Halloween costume, the camo makeup is the needed asset that will help you in hiding your facial features. While tribal makeup enhances the face, people tend to use the camo makeup to disguise their body in a way that merges with their surroundings.

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