Giraffes are animals with gentle character and fun appearance, making them ideal for Halloween time. Like zebra makeup, you have to follow a unique pattern to mimic the earthy tones of their spotted fur and their cute faces. We are going to show you a collection of giraffe makeup ideas that we have prepared for you in today’s post.

Giraffe Makeup for Halloween

giraffe makeup for halloween1


Create geometrical patterns on the forehead using soft brown colors to mimic the giraffe’s fur. Make your eyes stand out with a black pencil and use fake lashes for a glamorous touch. For the lips keep the earthy color scheme.

Giraffe Eye Makeup Idea

giraffe eye makeup idea


If you have the extra time, then draw the brown spots starting from the eye and going down to the base of your neck. There is no need for the patterns to look perfect. Uneven spots will give you a natural look.

Giraffe Stage Makeup

giraffe stage makeup


Stage makeup needs creativity. Create a mask-like effect, drawing smaller spots on the forehead and the sides of your eyes. You can also follow the same color scheme on the eyes mixing it up with a little white or gold.

Giraffe Nose Makeup

giraffe nose makeup


In order to recreate a giraffe’s nose, you have to contour your nose high up on the spot between your eyes to make your nose wider at the end. Use liquid eyeliner to draw two triangles to make it look real.

Glitter Giraffe Makeup

glitter giraffe makeup


Take the giraffe makeup look to the next level by using glitter. You can outline the brown spots with gold glitter. The reflection of the lights will give you a glamorous look perfect to catch everyone’s eye.

Scary Giraffe Makeup Design

scary giraffe makeup design


If you don’t want to use earthy tones on your lips, you can always use a red lipstick. Make sure you give great emphasis on your eyes though and use fake lashes for an extra glam look.

Instead of just contouring your nose you can draw the same patterns as the rest of your face in smaller sizes. Additionally use a brown lipstick with reddish undertones to make yourself look more polished.

Cute Giraffe Print Makeup

cute giraffe print makeup


In Halloween parties, you can dress in African clothes for an ethnic giraffe look. Also, make sure that you use colors that suit your skin tone for an even and beautiful look. This is a great idea for wolf makeup.

Giraffe Makeup for Men

giraffe makeup for men


This is only for those who possess the skills to make it work. The detailed contouring along with the careful design gives a realistic look that is truly amazing. All you need to have is good quality makeup brushes.

Simple Giraffe Makeup Idea

simple giraffe makeup idea


The soft eyes along with the colored upper lip create an amazing look. The simple patterns on the side of the face complete this stunning look.

Funny Giraffe Makeup Idea

funny giraffe makeup idea


Giraffe Side Part Makeup

giraffe side part makeup


These lovely animals can give you some excellent ideas about makeup looks. You can go all out with full face makeup or you can use simple elements and colors. This is an ideal choice for both men and women while the color schemes follow the lion makeup designs as well.

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