Galaxy makeup which is suitable for special occasions such as Halloween and theatrical performance is popular because there’s no limit to creativity. With this makeup, artists can go further and add other elements such as a constellation of stars or the Milky Way to capture the beauty of space. Using different finishes and colors, prom makeup works well to create a beautiful or even a dramatic effect. Read on to find more inspiring galaxy makeup looks.

With all the mysteries of the galaxy, it’s hard to imagine a universe without stars. Suitable for Halloween or special photo shoot, the purple color takes center stage on the lips, cheeks and eyes. The dazzling small stars are on the entire face. You may also see Snow Makeup Designs

This subtle makeup is suitable for prom or for girls who prefer a subtle makeup. The key to recreating this galaxy makeup is to apply a blue and purple eyeshadow. Add a few stars to it and finish with a subtle pink lip color.

Even though some space makeups are easy to do on your own, this zipper galaxy makeup will require some help from a professional makeup artist. Suitable for an exclusive photo shoot, it uses a vibrant purple lip color and prosthetic double zipper.

Fantasy Galaxy Makeup

fantasy galaxy makeup


Eyes tell a lot about the mood or how a person feels. This fantasy galaxy makeup highlights the eyes to show the creativity of the artist. It incorporates two comets going in opposite directions and different colors to portray space.

Galaxy Halloween Makeup Idea

galaxy halloween makeup idea


Galaxy makeup is perfect for describing the scary part of not knowing the existence of other lives in the universe. Suitable for Halloween, this fantasy makeup combines a skull and uses black as well as purple colors to create an illusion of hollow eyes.

Galaxy Princess Makeup

galaxy princess makeup


Deep down every girl wants to be a beautiful space princess. What better way to bring your imagination to life than through this galaxy princess makeup. It uses the face as a canvas for designing a constellation to create a space princess.

You can still apply makeup to half of your face to get that unique galaxy inspired look. This galaxy makeup focuses on using glitters on the eyes and lips only. White eyeliner further gives this look a dramatic effect.

Galaxy Inspired Makeup

galaxy inspired makeup


While watching scary movies or at a children’s party, the famous “Twinkle twinkle little star” song is well known. For girls who love looking at the sky at night, the white stars look shiny on a purple background.

While fantasy makeup can look intimidating especially for first-time users, it’s a crucial part of enhancing the look of a costume. Cosplay is all about costuming and with this cosplay makeup you will totally fit in with other Galaxy lovers.

Galaxy Eye and Lips Makeup

galaxy eye and lips makeup


The vibrant color combinations make this galaxy makeup gorgeous. Ideal for ladies who want to portray a dramatic style, the purple and white colors blend harmoniously. The false eyelashes, bold lip color and meteor patterns create a stunning effect. You may also see Mime Makeup Designs

Galaxy Space Makeup Design

galaxy space makeup design


Simple Galaxy Makeup Idea

simple galaxy makeup idea


Galaxy Lips Makeover Idea

galaxy lips makeover idea


Pink Galaxy Makeup Design

pink galaxy makuep design


Galaxy Skull Makeup Idea

galaxy skull makeup idea


Awesome Galaxy Makeup Design

awesome galaxy makeup design


Cool Galaxy Makeup Idea

cool galaxy makeup idea


Unique Galaxy Zipper Makeup

unique galaxy zipper makeup


How to remove galaxy makeup on your face?

While Vaseline, baby oil, and a moisturizer can help remove galaxy makeup, if you don’t have these products, a simple safe liquid soap can do the trick. Apply an adequate amount of soap on the face and using either a damp cotton cloth or wet wipes gently scrub off the makeup.

How to do a simple galaxy makeup for Halloween?

Use a primer and foundation to create a base for your Galaxy makeup. Next, create random blue patterns on your face. Lightly add purple and pink eyeshadow and draw random stars on the forehead using silver eyeliner.

Galaxy makeup can be dramatic or subtle depending on the final look that a person prefers. You can either focus on the eyes using rainbow eye makeup or the whole face; the choice is entirely up to you. So, show your creativity by opting for one of these beautiful galaxy makeup looks.

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