The greatest contributors of change in our life are technology and the innovations that come along with it to alter everything that is present in and around us. Since a decade or so, every new day is added by a latest innovation to improve and transform our lives.

So here is a list of 10 such innovations that any tech-savvy person should look up to in 2016.

Form 1

form 1 %e2%80%93 high resolution 3d printer

Remember the Aston Martin crashed in James Bond’s movie, well that was a product of 3D printing. 3D printing is not the latest thing for the mechanical industries, but owning your own personal 3D printer is something quite revolutionary.

Form 1, priced at $2799, is a personal 3D printer that will let you bring your digital innovations and designs into real solid products. The price is quite reasonable against its capability, it’ll give a future where every individual can create his or her own prototype taking our creativity to a whole new level.

Oculus Rift


Every gamer wish to enter the world of game and Virtual Reality is what every gamer dream about. Even though this technology is not new, but sure it is limited to only a handful of people in the world. Well this wish of gamers will be granted pretty soon as Oculus Rift is entering the market to give you the experience in just $300.

Google’s Driverless Car

google self driving car

This is just like the one from the movie iRobot where the cars are driven by artificial intelligence. It works on the video cameras in the car that synchronizes with a sensor on top and some position sensors and radar, and has successfully ran for 1609 kilometers with no human interventions !



Adapteva has introduced a new way of building computers that will work as fine as a super computer, letting you process software and effectively while saving quite the energy a supercomputer uses. Parallella will give us a smarter and advanced mini-supercomputer starting from as low as $99.

Google Glass

google glass

Google Glass is an advance version of the augmented reality we experience today with a lot of apps. This advancement will let you check your social media news feeds, navigate through Google Maps and GPS and even the ability to take photos.

Wireless Earbud


Apple’s next iPhone will be devoid of a 3.5mm jack for headphone which will require earphones to be wireless. Evidently Apple is all set on developing one as such will be launched with the next iPhone coming in.

Galaxy S7

galaxy s7

Next on line in the Samsung’s flagship phone is Galaxy S7, which is expected to be launched in March. This phone, as suggested by some reliable sources will be advertising the new pressure-sensitive touch screen which will give competition to the 3D touch screen of latest iPhone series.

VR Headset of Sony PlayStation

ps vr 970 80

The Japanese company is all set to release its next in series gaming console, PlayStation 4 and along with that it will be launching its own PlayStation VR Headset

Amazon’s Prime Air Drone

image 4

Amazon is planning to take home delivery system to the next level by incorporating delivery by drone named as “Octocopter” that will provide you with your delivery within an hour at your doorstep. Prime Air is set to be available for services in about 4 to 5 years.

Microsoft Surface

303387 microsoft surface with windows rt

Microsoft is all set to launch its next version of laptop and tablet hybrid this year following its release of Surface Pro4 last year. The high-end laptop or Surface Book is expected to have numerous upgrades and will be provided soon.

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