It is important to start things on a right note. A well-began, after all, means half-done. Most people start their day with a shower, yet, the benefits of a nice, satisfactory shower remains understated. Unless living a luxurious life, most people do not take showering as a rejuvenating, therapeutic activity. Therefore we decided to list some products that will completely change your shower experience. Some of them provide you with the luxurious experience that one otherwise gets in a spa or with a high-end hotel reservation. Others make your day to day tasks easy. Without further ado let’s have a look at the list.

Product Design Trends 2016

1- Vitamin C Shower Filter : $37.50

Here is something that will help you getting your daily dose of Vitamin C showered upon you. While showering, our body absorbs a lot of chlorine that in turn can cause lots of harm to hair and skin. This filter helps in neutralizing the effect and provides the benefit of Vit. C to your body. Do this favor to yourself and get this filter installed.

2. H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : $ 36.95

Listening to your favorite music can certainly enrich your shower experience. These speakers are detachable, which means you can use them outside your bathroom space as well. They not only let you listen to your favorite music but also enable you to take calls comfortably under the shower. The quality, whether it is the speaker or the jet is supreme and will certainly not disappoint you.

3. Waterproof Shower Clock: $7.99

Sometimes, while you are in a hurry, it is important to keep track of time while showering. But with all the stream and steam, it seems not very convenient to have a clock near the shower area. Not anymore! These shower clocks come in attractive bright colors and is fully waterproof. The strong rubber suctions can help them fit in any area. With the choices of beautiful colors available it won’t be difficult for them to compliment the design of your bathroom.

4. Aurora Master Ocean Relax Projector: $53.97

This is something to try after a long day of hard work. This projector can transform your bathroom environment completely. Plug in the projector, point it towards the ceiling and relax under the dim exotic ambiance while your shower. It comes with an auto shutdown feature so you don’t have to worry if you get lost in the trance.

5. Aqua Notes : $7.48

This is for all those souls who get their most important, most creative thoughts during shower. Don’t you feel the urge to jot them down immediately but you can’t for the obvious reason. Frustrating, isn’t it? A waterproof notepad is certainly a thoughtful innovation. We wonder if this idea was also conceived during a shower!

6. Stonemat “Foot” : $ 230.00

Something therapeutic for your feet! Feet helps in transforming the relaxing vibes to the rest of the body. This stone carpet has natural Black Sea pebbles and thermoplastic rubber. It is non-slippery and completely waterproof.

7. Spa Lights: $9.02

Sometimes a shower is just not enough. For days when you want to have a spa-like experience at home, this purchase is worth the shot. Create a candlelight ambiance without actually going through the hassle of lighting the candles.

8. LED-Shower Head: $14.99

Give an electrifying start to your day with this LED shower head and say goodbye to dull boring mornings.

9. The iPad- Musical Shower Curtains : $49.95

For the workaholics who can’t afford to spare a minute from their phone. Though, we personally believe their is no point of relaxing under a shower if you are constantly going to be busy on your phone.

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