Makeup Designs and Ideas

Choosing the right makeup designs can be overwhelming sometimes as not every style fits everyone. With the right colors, you can set the right mood, attract attention and make a fashion statement. Deciding what colors look best or how to find the right foundation shade can come as a challenge, however you will learn that the answer is different on each person. By understanding the basic color theory, you will learn which colors will compliment you. This will help you pick the best make up based on your skin tone, skin type, and trends that you are willing to give it a try. From burgundy lip shades to Smokey eyes, we’ve got the best trends for you. Read More

What Makeup Designs Should I Consider

Neutral and nude tones are an eternal staple trend that will never look outdated. You will find that mostly every artist will carry neutral palettes which contains shades of white, beige, taupe, brown, grey and black. You can easily achieve primal looks for everyday wear by having a palette of neutral colors as well as eyeliners to achieve a natural look. Monochromatic shades are made up of multiple shades within one hue. The colors are often creative in a mix of texture such as shimmer, cream, velvet, and matte.

What Kind of Styles Do I Use For My Skin Tone

Achieve the perfect cat eye with the best eyeliners to assist you with your winged eyeliner. Go shimmery and glittery with eye makeup that have been spotted everywhere on New York Fashion Week. This trend can be styled in a subtle or dramatic way that makes it wearable during anytime to the day or night. Blue eye makeup is the trend for spring 2016 as a simple swipe of blue shadow or eyeliner is a great way to add your touch with this trend. Go for Matte lipstick shades for a chic and modern look. Make sure to always prep your lips or matte lips may end up dry or chalk like.

Add Creative ideas

Go bronze for glowing skin and skip the contour. Bronzer can help add depth into your skin even when the suns not out. Achieve sun-kissed skin with a natural bronzer that doesn’t appear orange or muddy. Get creative with violet statement lips as a vibrant purple shade can be chic and edgy. This statement shade has become extremely on trend within the past few seasons as there is a wide range of tones that are available in various intensity and undertones. You can go bold matte or simply add a subtle gloss.


Dare to be daring with two-tone makeup or get inspiration from the best nude makeup trends of the season. Using white eyeliner will instantly brighten your eyes for a finish look as black plays the polar opposite for the ultimate chic look.