There have been umpteen situations where each one of us have desired or wished to be like Mickey Mouse. But there are only a few of us who might have got a chance to dress up like him. His make-up is rather a simple affair. Originally, he is popularly identified by his red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves. In today’s high-tech era, where makeup itself has grown as a popular industry in itself, imitating cartoon characters or at least getting into the skin of such popular characters would not be an uphill task. Though high-tech mechanisms can be implemented, there is also a trend to simplify makeup design. Overdoing of accessories is certainly avoided especially when the cartoon character itself is such simplistic.

As far as Mickey Mouse’s Make-up is concerned, people often try out various postures and modes. They tend to experiment with the bow-ties, the head bows, the eye make-ups, and in some situations, the entire look and feel of the character is maneuvered in order to suit the situation and the occasion.

Lauren Conrad Mickey Mouse Makeup

lauren conrad mickey mouse makeup1

Lauren Conrad style has been everywhere this year as this inspired the fashion lines. This is a mind blowing style making a woman more beautiful. Make it with cute free flats and dress up without jewels.

Kids Mickey Mouse Makeup

kids mickey mouse makeup1


Get the cute Mickey Mouse makeup for your sweet little girl. Kids wearing this style will look ultra trendy for the casual and special occasion. Don’t forget to add the perfect shoes and accessories to get a complete look.

Mickey Mouse Eye Makeup Design

mickey mouse eye makeup design1


If you have been coveting for the celebrity lash look at the moment but, haven’t found a way to try it? Try out this eye makeup which gives a sculpted looks with few easy steps. Use bold lip color of the moment like red berry. You may also See Frozen Makeup Designs

Scary Mickey Mouse Makeup

scary mickey mouse makeup1


To look scary, focus on creating a wide-eyed look with dark mascara by high lightening the inner corners of your eyes and broad arched brows. Get the perfect look without flats and keep your foundation dewy. Keep your skin incredibly pale and rock a statement pink lip like show white.

Mickey Mouse Makeup for Halloween

mickey mouse makeup for halloween


Rather than spending tons of money on a Halloween costume, let your creative side show and make you face the main attraction to your costume using the perfect tips. If you want to look very plastic, it is fantastic to try with any pink colored that completes your costume. Use light colored lip color and make the eye areas little darker.

Mickey Mouse Inspired Makeup Design

mickey mouse inspired makeup design


Are you trying to inspire with Mickey Mouse makeup design? Here is a simple idea. Leave your eyes lighter and makeup with a bit of unexpected color. Use pink under eye liner giving a stylish look. Adults can get in on a pretty costume where it is enough to wear a simple top without sleeves.

Mickey Mouse Eye Makeup

mickey mouse eye makeup


It is all in the eyes and the possibilities are endless which demure daytime looks. Use the custom eyebrow looks, Smoky vibes and classic tone or shot of color. Use the light shade of mascara which enlightens the face.

Simple Mickey Mouse Lips Makeup

simple mickey mouse lips makeup


Beautiful Mickey Makeup Idea



Simple Mickey Mouse Makeup



Mickey Mouse Makeup for Women

mickey mouse makeup for women


Modern Mickey MouseMakeup

modern mickey mousemakeup


Cute Minnie Mouse Makeup

cute minnie mouse makeup


The Mickey Mouse makeup and costumes make Halloween and costume parties more convenient than ever. You can save yourself and your kids from the hassle of the time-consuming process where you or your child will be dressed up in an outfit with no matter of uncomforted. Just let your kids dazzle everyone with those cute ears which are more attractive than the other simple makeup. You may also See Rag Doll Makeup Designs

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