Who doesn’t love cute stuff, especially girls and in particular those in their teenage! Hello Kitty makeup is one such awesome design that will make girls fall in love at an instant. There are several ways one can incorporate this awesome cat makeup and at times, also wild and Fearful Cat Makeup to be flaunted for Halloween nights. Scroll down to find out how Hello Kitty makeup designs are used.

Hello kitty Makeover

Hello kitty Makeover Source

This social media user displays the cat make up on her face, probably apt for a Halloween night. She uses makeup paint to draw the cat whiskers on the face in dark black along with a little cat nose in black. The winged eye perfectly flatters the cat makeup.

Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup

Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup Source

This gorgeous kitty cat makeup which is perfect for a Halloween party is seen here on a makeup blogger. She makes use of makeup to paint her face like that of a cat, with wine lips and black eyes, she totally slays the Halloween kitty cat look.

Black Kitty Makeup

Black Kitty Makeup Source

This is yet another kitty makeup in black which is super easy and stunning! Probably the easiest makeup to go for Halloween! Paired up with a bow headband in black and a tiny little red bow on one side, this looks like a perfect Halloween Makeup.

Cat Halloween Costume Idea

Cat Halloween Costume Idea Source

This makeup idea for Halloween is for all the badass brats out there. The makeup is loud and brash, of a devil kitty in black featuring cat whiskers, dots, mustaches and devil horns.

Leopard Kitty Makeup

Leopard Kitty Makeup Source

This Leopard Eye Makeup featured with a purple leopard combo with black is one hell of a Halloween makeup to try on. The girl in the picture is seen wearing a pretty purple and black leopard printed bow tie band which complements well with the cat makeup. You may also See Cat Makeup Design

Hello Kitty Mask Makeup

Hello Kitty Mask Makeup Source

Here’s another twist in the tale! This girl is seen wearing a pretty mask that covers the face instead of an actual kitty makeup, which is in transparent black with small dots in it. It features an evil kitty makeup with a bow tie band in black too.

Hello Kitty Cat Eyes Makeup

Hello Kitty Cat Eyes Makeup Source

This one’s another amazing Cat makeup focusing mainly on the eyes to create a truly divine Cat eye look. The eyes are highlighted to look exactly like that of a Cat. Apart from the eyes, the cheeks and lips have a Hello Kitty themed makeup.

Cheshire Cat Makeup

Cheshire Cat Makeup Source

This is a Cheshire inspired Cat makeup done in bright colors like pink, purple, white and black. As for most cat makeup, the focus in mainly on the eyes here and also the lips which are painted in black and white that shows cat teeth. She wears a pretty head band that completes the look.

Cute Kitty Cat Makeup

Cute Kitty Cat Makeup Source

This cute kitty makeup is kept to simple and pretty! The eyes have a sober color combination of browns and nudes. Very soft whiskers drawn on the cheeks with a nude brown lip color, which is a simple take on the wild Halloween cat makeup.

Kitty Cat Face Makeup

Kitty Cat Face Makeup Source

This is another cute kitty cat face makeup that is less wild and scary and more on the soft side. Maybe a representation of a cute and tame cat! The eyes have been highlighted with colors black and brown whereas the whiskers are drawn in brown with a subtle lip shade.

Kitty Lip and Eye Makeup

Kitty Lip and Eye Makeup Source

Kitty Black Costume Makeup

Kitty Black Costume Makeup Source

Simple Kitty Makeup Idea

Simple Kitty Makeup Idea Source

Easy Cat Makeup

Easy Cat Makeup Source

Classic Kitty Makeup Idea

Classic Kitty Makeup Idea Source

Blue Cat Eye Makeup

Blue Cat Eye Makeup Source

Scary Kitty Makeup Design

Scary Kitty Makeup Design Source

Black Costume Makeup

Black Costume Makeup Source

Funny Cat Makeup Idea

Funny Cat Makeup Idea Source

Cat Makeup for Brown Eyes

Cat Makeup for Brown Eyes Source

Natural Kitty Makeup

Natural Kitty Makeup Source

From subtle cat eyes to wild and fierce Lion Makeup, there are several types of kitty cat makeup designs to flaunt depending on the occasion. We have summed up a list of frisky makeup ideas for you to rock your next Halloween party!

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