Wolf is an important character that most of the teens love to replicate on their face with some eye makeup and shading on the cheeks. You can choose to look scary, sexy or cute with these wolf makeup design ideas. These ideas will also help you if you are looking for cat makeup as cat and wolf shares lot of similarities in terms of looks especially face. You would find these design ideas very useful for a quick makeover.

She Wolf Makeup Design

she wolf makeup design


If you want to turn yourself into a seductive female teen wolf with lots of appeal, then you would love this design. It preserves the natural beauty and elegance of your face with a touch of the wolf.

Well if you thought that it would take a lot of zombie makeup to make you look like a scary wolf, then you need to look at this design idea. The beauty of this idea lies in the minimum use of makeup. However, you would need messy hairs and most importantly distinct yellow eye lens for this look. You may also see Tribal Makeup Designs

If you are really prepared to mess up your face with pure dark black leaving just a few blank spaces of your bright skin, this can look for you. It would suit perfectly on a girl with fair skin tone as it will bring out the contrasting effect to make this look impressive.

It has to be one of the best designs that perfectly blend the human face with a wolf look to give an impression of a werewolf. Grey and black sketching used appropriately with a little yellow shade under the eye is all you need to look like a wolf.

The above design is based entirely on modifying your nose with a bit of shading and sketching to look like a wolf. This would work best for the individuals with short hairs and beard as it naturally boosts the look. Entirely based on sketching and shading, you would not need anything else.

You would need messy and bouncy hairs with a bit of curl to make this idea go fit your face. It is an impressive mime makeup that emphasizes on every part of your face to leave you with a typical wolf look. It is simple but effective.

Big Bad Wolf Makeup Design

big bad wolf makeup design


Turn yourself into a wolf with little eye makeup to create a faux eyebrow like an animal. The main element of this design is the bunch of blond hairs attached around the cheeks which makes this look different. It would suit you if you have blond hairs.

Wolf Makeup for Men

wolf makeup for men


If you need a wolf makeup that without those long ugly hairs and complicated shades, this design idea would suit you. It simply uses a single shade of dark blue on your face around eyes and lips to turn you into a lovely wolf.

This makeup idea is suitable if you want to give a horrifying look to your face. With long sharp teeth dipped in blood, you can scare anyone. You would need to spend some time and efforts to replicate this look.

Wolf Makeup for Kids

wolf makeup for kids


You can give a cute wolf look to your kids with this very simple design. It uses the combination of black and white beautifully with simple shades and lines. You will not have any difficulty in replicating this pattern and it would not take any time at all. You may also see Crazy Makeup Designs

Realistic Wolf Makeup Idea

realistic wolf makeup idea


Wolf Makeup and Hairdo

wolf makeup and hairdo


Simple Wolf Makeup for Women

simple wolf makeup for women


Wolf Face Paint Makeup

wolf facepaint makeup


Wolf Inspired Makeup for Men

wolf inspired makeup for men


Cool Wolf Makeup Idea

cool wolf makeup idea


Wolf Eye and Lips Makeup

wolf eye and lips makeup


It is easy to prepare yourself for a theme party or Halloween with just a little bit of eye makeup and suitable shading effects on your face.

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