Are you a graphic designer who is always striving to create new designs? We know how even a small project can be quite challenging. To meet your own and the client’s expectations requires a lot of creativity, brainstorming, long hours at desks and being updated with the new tools in this line of trade. Designers play with colors, hues, blends, shapes and textures to create designs that have personalities. If you have been looking for unique polygon logos, here’s a repository you should seek.

Polygon Cloud Rocket Logo

polygon cloud rocket logo

A very unique and modern vector, this logo will suit any project that is related to the cloud. The vector comes in unique shapes of a rocket flying through the cloud and can be further customized to meet your color requirements. The high-quality EPS file makes creating a professional looking logo so much easier.

Polygon Unique Letter Logo

polygon unique letter logo

If your logo needs to be formed around a “U” this would make your work a lot easier. Created out of several overlapping polygons to give a prism like 3D effect, you can always choose to change the color blend to meet your logo requirements. The logo is offered as an exclusive buy for any designer.

Polygon Studio Logo Design

polygon studio logo design

You can create an amazing spider web from a polygon shape. This logo can relate to any business that fosters “connectivity” as its theme. The transparent EPS vector is completely customizable and comes in layers that facilitate adding other extra effects.

Polygon Lab Logo Template

polygon lab logo template

In this case, small and colorful polygons make up a bottle design that is supposedly filled with a chemical. This would be a perfect design if you are working for any kind of laboratory. The logo is offered as an AI and EPS file and is completely resizable and editable. You can even choose to change fonts according to your requirement.

Abstract Polygon Letter Logo Design

abstract polygon letter logo design

If your client is looking for a unique logo woven around the letter “C”, here’s a polygon design that should suit the requirement perfectly. Made from several triangles, the colorful logo creates 3D like effect. This design is highly professional and simple to be into any kind of material.

Poly Zero Logo Design

zero number polygonal logo

And highly creative way to form a “zero” out of polygon, this is 3D like vector that looks both simple and professional. Now, “zero” can mean a lot of things and thus you can use this logo in a variety of designs. Completely customizable, you can further choose to play with the colors, fonts, and size.

Polygonal Letter W Logo Template

polygonal letter w logo template

Similarly, if the letter “W” is the main theme of your design, this vector will make your work easier. Like others, this vector too comes in an interesting blend of colors and can be completely customized to meet your precise requirements.

Poly Tree Logo Design

poly tree logo design

This tree made from several overlapped polygons creates 3D like structure and would be perfect for any graphic and modeling company.

Creative Polygon Logo Design

creative polygon logo design

An abstract of a polygon design, this logo can be put into a range of usage. The vector could either be a standalone logo or be the base for further graphics.

Polygon Wolf Vector Logo

polygon wolf vector logo

Polygon Letter Logo Design

polygon letter logo design

Polygon Shaped Logo

polygon shaped logo

Low Poly Wolf PSD Logo

low poly wolf psd logo

Flat Animal Polygon Logo

flat animal polygon logo

Spiked Polygon Logo

spiked polygon logo

Low Polygon Fox Head Logo

low polygon fox head logo

Polygon Flower Logo

polygon flower logo

High Quality Polyon Logo

high quality polyon logo

Simple Polygon N Logo Template

simple polygon n logo template

Inspirational Polygon Logo

inspirational polygon logo

We hope you found something unique to your requirement. It is ideas like these that keep sour brain open and scourge for new design possibilities. Do share your feedback on the list above.

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