A visiting card is part of a European custom usually reserved for royalty and aristocrats as a formal way of informing homeowners that a guest has arrived. A modern-day visiting card is now referred to as a ‘calling card’ by the British, and in most parts of the world, a business card.

Should you be up for some visiting card revamping, make use of our card designs to get you started. They’re innovative and fresh, perfect for the fast-paced and rapidly evolving lifestyle of today. Keep up with the times and save yours by downloading our visiting card designs to make your own.

Social Media Visiting Card

social media visiting card

Colorful Visiting Card

colorful visiting card

Bakery Visiting Card

bakery visiting card

Modern Visiting Card

modern visiting card

Consulting Visiting Card

consulting visiting card

Introduce Yourself

Modern day visiting cards are exchanged between professionals during introductions as a way of saying they are open to make business with the other. In some cases, with business tycoons in particular, they only ever give away their cards to people or companies they’re really interested in.

Create a lasting impression with business card designs that can fully encapsulate your profession.

  • Futuristic visiting cards in minimalism use 2-3 colors at most with a clear typeface. The Modern Visiting Card, Consulting Visiting Card, Clean Visiting Card, and Professional Visiting Card all feature the company name and logo on one side with a distinct design on the other.
  • For a more complex and dynamic look, the Colorful Visiting Card, Visit Card Design Studio, and Vector Polygon Visiting Card make use of gradient colors or geographical shapes and backgrounds against minimal text to balance out the design.
  • Creatives and themed businesses can use the Bakery Visiting Card, Social Media Visiting Card, Restaurant Visiting Card, and Craft Business Visiting Card. Incorporate your set motif in the cards by using icons unique to your business.

Your designs contribute in making you recognizable to your target market and potential business partners, and distinguishable from the rest of your competitors. Brand yourself with it, and do so excellently.

Simple Visiting Card

simple visiting card

Restaurant Visiting Card

restaurant visiting card

Clean Visiting Card

clean visiting card

Visit Card Design Studio

visit card design studio

Professional Visiting Card

professional visiting card

Craft Business Visiting Card

craft business visiting card

Stylish Visiting Card

stylish visiting card

Vector Polygon Visiting Card

vector polygon visiting card

Keeping it Professional

There are important key components that need to be included in your visiting cards. Although you can present them as creatively as preferred, keep in mind the purpose of your card is mainly professional.

  • Your company name and logo should be visible and distinguishable in your card. The logo, especially, is the image easily retained by the public, and one that’s immediately associated with your business.
  • Your name and position in the company should also make an appearance to let the holder of your card know to whom they will address their proposals or inquiries to.
  • Contact information like e-mail addresses, mobile and fax numbers, and/or social media accounts are essential since your visiting cards are mainly for accessibility. The more contemporary and technology-driven professionals use QR codes to easily access their sites and info online.

If you’re trying to find the right opportunity to give out your visiting cards, join corporate events, networking luncheons, and art exhibitions to meet a diverse set of people, and to find your own niche.

With our list of visiting card designs, carefully consider your own to best bring out your company attributes. Download our designs and check out our thank you card designs to stay inspired and have more designs up your sleeve.

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