What could be a more formal method of sharing contact information other than the exchange of business cards? There is actually none. Among businesspersons, there are obviously many ways to get acquainted with each other, but if the purpose is to exchange contact details for future negotiations relating to the business, then the best and most proper way of doing this is through the traditional printed business cards.

This is true for all professions. Lawyers, specifically, would need to make most of their transactions and interactions clients since their job requires more formality and professionalism.

If you are a practicing lawyer in need of business card designs you can use to share your information to others, then you have found the right place. We are offering you with more than 12 of the best business card designs on the Internet. All these designs truly reflect the nature of your profession.

These business card designs are  easily downloadable and editable for your convenience, so you won’t need to look anywhere else. Do you want to get started? Feel free to scroll down below to see the designs yourself.

Creative Monochrome Lawyer Business Card

lawyer business card
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Download this business card mockup design for a simple yet professional and elegant-looking business card. Even though this design leans more towards simplicity than complicated artistry, it does not look boring. Unlike the usual horizontal-oriented business cards, this one is in a vertical orientation. The contrasting colors between the front page and the back also help in making the business card look creative. There is also a certain level of neatness to the design because of its use of a lot of blank spaces.

Personal Business Card Design Template for Lawyers

lawyer business card

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If you want to incorporate something new to your business card, download the design shown above. You may not always be able to provide all the necessary information to your prospects upon initial interaction, and this could be a factor that may either help you turn your prospect into an actual client or drive them away. So, for the convenience of the receiver of the business card, they can just scan the QR code to direct them to your online profile and provide them with the necessary information you were unable to share.

Creative Clean Lawyer Business Card Design

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What is a Business Card?

A business card is a small card, commonly 2.9-3.5 inches in length by 1.8-2.4 inches in width, that contains an individual or an entire company’s information.

These cards are usually shared or exchanged when two businesspersons who come across each other and want to become business partners. It can also be that a businessman is in the process of promoting their company to the general public by sharing their business cards aside from using other marketing strategies.

It is up to the giver of the card which information they want to include on their business cards. However, the most common ones are the cardholder’s full name, their designation in the company, the name of the company with the logo, the contact information such as the complete street address of the office, telephone number/s, fax number, email address/es, and the website or social media page. Many businesses today take advantage of social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, to publicize themselves instead of having to spend a lot to build a website.

Blurred Tuxedo Lawyer Business Card Design

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If you prefer not to use any cliche’d legal system symbols that are commonly found on lawyer’s business cards, then you can opt to go for something different but is still be related to the profession. On this business card mockup design, the backdrop on both sides of the card bear an image of a blurred lawyer in a tuxedo, with one page simply having a round emblem with the name of the law office. On the other side is where you can find the necessary information regarding the giver of the card.

Clean Simple Modern Lawyer Business Card

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Embrace simplicity in your business card with this minimalist design.It maximizes the use of blank spaces on both sides of the card by keeping the main features compressed either on the middle or on the bottom half of the card. As seen on the sample image above, this design works best when printed on a black card stock and have the features printed in a contrasting color, such as black or light gray. If you are after minimalism, then download this business card design.

Professional Vertical Lawyer Business Card Design

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Make yourself and your business noticeable with the help of this business card mockup design. This keeps the majority of the card neat by organizing all text and symbols in one area alone. On the back side of the card, only the symbol of your law firm can be found, including a space where you can write your tagline. On the front, you can find the following features, from the top-most portion of the card to the bottom: your logo which should be similar to the one found on the back side, the full name of the lawyer, the telephone number, email address, website, and the complete street address of the office.

Vintage Law Firm Business Card Design

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Why Printed Business Cards are Still Relevant

In today’s generation, most, if not all, jobs and businesses take advantage of computers and technology to perform tasks efficiently in the least amount of time possible. What used to be done manually back then can now be done digitally, and what used to be in printed form in the past, now has a paperless format.

But even with the advancements in technology, there are things that still work a whole lot better when done traditionally, such as with business cards.

Listed below are just a few of the many reasons why the traditional business cards are still important up to this day:

  • For businesses to grow, they will need to get involved in a network. To be considered an important part of such, you will need to make an impression. One way to achieve this is by making connections that are authentic and true. You can do this by sharing business cards. Through this, a direct interaction happens between a businessperson and a prospect, and there is an engagement, eye contact, and sincere conversation.
  • Designing business cards will encourage you to make use of your creativity, which is an important factor to help make your card get noticed. In the world of businesses, you will always encounter a lot of competitors, and it is important to stand out from among the competition to get the recognition you need.
  • Business cards are not only the most formal way of getting your business known, but it is also one of the most inexpensive and easiest methods that are still proven very effective of providing information in the most convenient way possible.

Law Firm Office Business Card Design

lawyer business cardDownload

If you are unsure whether you would want to go with the Libra scale symbol on your business card or the pillar enclosed in a Laurel wreath, then why not download the design shown above?

For the price of one, you will be getting two different designs that are both neat and stylish. You may even refer to our collection of law firm logos if you want to change the symbol on any of these business cards. If you download this design, you will then have the choice whether to use only one design for your business card, or both if you intend on using two different styles for your business cards. But nevertheless, the contents on both designs are almost similar, with the only difference being the symbol used and the arrangement of the image and the text.

Gavel Symbol Lawyer Business Card Design

lawyer business cardDownload

The gavel is a small hammer-like equipment commonly used by a presiding judge and is a symbol of their authority during court hearings. It is used to attract attention from the participants, and to maintain order during ceremonies. On the unique business card design shown above, the symbol used resembles a judge’s gavel resting on top of its sound block, the block of hard wood which a gavel is struck upon. The back side of the design contains an image of the gavel over a red, patterned backdrop. On the front side, the gavel logo is shrunk and placed on the top-left corner, along with the name of the company, the name of the card holder and their designation are placed on the bottom-left corner, and the contact details are placed on the right-hand side of the card.

Clean Simple Formal Lawyer Business Card

lawyer business cardDownload

A clean business card design will always be the best option, especially because your business card is intended for formal uses. The design shown above simply contains a symbol of a Libra scale on top of a red box. The back side only contains the logo located in the middle of the design, while the front side contains the name of the business and the email address as well. The design is straightforward—it doesn’t contain any features that may prove irrelevant to the design, especially when considering who uses the business card, only the most relevant details are included.

Vintage Elegant Lawyer Business Card Design

lawyer business cardDownload

If you want to use a simple, vintage business card mockup with a touch of elegance and modernity, download the design shown above. As you can see on the sample image, the logo makes use of both the balance scale and the sword—the two attributes held by Lady Justice, who is the personified representation of the moral force in the judicial system. The scale symbolizes the measurement of the case’s support and opposition, while the sword represents the concept that justice should be served swiftly. On the back side of this business card design bears the logo in the middle, with the bottom two corner edges colored. On the front side, the logo is still present but blurred out and placed in the background, with the main features being the name of the cardholder and the contact details located on the bottom part of the card design. A QR code is also present on the design for the convenience of the recipient of the card.

Lady Justice with Sword and Scale Lawyer Business Card

lawyer business cardDownload

Include an illustrated image of Lady Justice on your business card by downloading this design. On one side of this business card design is an image of Lady Justice holding a scale and a sword, and she is enclosed in a line art emblem. On the other side is a less-detailed image since you can only see a silhouette illustration of her on the side of the design. On this same side, you will be able to find the name of the lawyer, their contact details including their home address, phone number, email address, and website URL; and on the upper right-hand corner is a QR code that when scanned using a code scanner, will provide the reader with some relevant supporting information.

Helpful Tips: Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Business Cards

The use of business cards will need a lot of decision-making. Just because you have your own business card and you are able to give a copy to a prospect, it does not always assure you of gaining a new client, especially if your business card is done poorly.

One of the main goals to using business cards is make a good initial impression to either a prospective customer or a potential business partner, and if you take your business cards for granted, then these prospects may see you as someone who is not sincere with your profession.

If you want to know how to make your business cards get noticed easily, follow the helpful tips listed below:

  • Don’t clutter your business card with too many information. Yes, business cards are intended to share information with others, but only include those that are the most relevant. Writing down too many information may only confuse the reader on which one to use. The safest bet is to indicate at least one or two telephone numbers, a fax number, one e-mail address, and a street address for snail mails.
  • Take advantage of QR codes. Some samples above had QR codes included on the design, and this is actually an advantage. The human mind is fallible, and we tend to forget a lot at even the most unlikely times, and when introducing yourself to a prospect, there may be a chance of you missing out on something. So for you and your prospect’s convenience, simply inform them to scan the QR code on your card for them to learn more about your credentials as a lawyer as well as your law firm.

How To Make Your Own Business Cards Using Our Downloadable Designs

As mentioned earlier, these business card designs are easy to download as well as flexible enough that it can be edited freely. The process of making your own business card using our design templates is easy enough. It can even be done by people who only have basic knowledge and minimal skills with computers and editing. However, it does not hurt to have a few guidelines that can still prove useful to make the process easier and faster.

So, here is a simple step-by-step process on how you can make your own set of business cards using the design templates available on our site:

  • Visualize what you want for the design of your business card with regards to the placement of the logo and the text, the type of font, the color/s, and the contact details you want to include. If possible, you may even make a rough sketch of the design or you may simply write these down as notes so you won’t risk forgetting the features you want for your business card.
  • Once you have already decided on how you want your business card to look, choose from among the pre-made business card designs available on our website and download the one that works best for you. After clicking on the red button below the image, you will be redirected to the website where you will be able to download the design. However, these designs are not free and need to be purchased before you can own them. Just pay the required fee to start downloading the business card design that you want.
  • Once you are done downloading your chosen business card design, you can now start editing them. These designs are compatible with any photo editing software, but to gain the fullest compatibility, we recommend you use Adobe editing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • After finalizing the design of your business card, you can then have it printed, and you have two choices for this. You may either have it printed at printing companies and simply pay them to do it; or if you have a printer capable of printing in very high resolution, you can just print it yourself, Just make sure to use high quality thick paper or card stock to print your design on.

As you may have realized, business cards are important not only to provide prospective customers or business partners with your contact details, but it is also the most sincere and courteous manner of introducing yourself which may could build up your own and your business’ reputation.

From the various business card mockups and designs we have shown, it is already very evident that these were done professionally to help you and your business in getting the attention you deserve. If you think that these designs can help your business grow and get recognized, then don’t hesitate to download one now.

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