Even if you’re not into the hobby, but you could agree that vintage stuff are nice to collect. Whether stamps, currency, clothes, or postcards, collecting them may be meaningless at first but eventually it will become something enjoyable. You could invest on a lot of money and collect the actual authentic object and make sure to store it where the vintage features are preserved.

If collecting the actual object is too costly, you could go for an inexpensive option and simply get a replica of it — postcards. We have a collection of vintage travel postcards here on our website that you can download for a reasonable price. These postcard designs look very authentic that you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


Vintage New York Greeting Postcard


Have you traveled to New York City but could not find a vintage postcard there? You don’t have to worry about that because this greeting card design is more than enough to bring back memories of your visit to the Big Apple with the images of the landmarks found within the typography.


Vintage London Greeting Postcard


Download this artistic London greeting card if you wish to give someone a symbol of a memory worth treasuring. The tourist spots in London are shown in the background, from the London Eye to the Big Ben. This is the ideal design if you prefer to have more images than the text since the typography is kept to a minimum in the upper portion of the design.

Vintage Paris Letter Postcard


For a less complicated postcard design, you may choose to download this one. This design places more emphasis on the text, which occupies most of the space on the card but leaves enough white space to keep the design from looking cluttered. Even with its simplicity, you won’t miss out on anything with this design because the tourist spots in Paris are shown within the typography.


Vintage California USA Postcard in EPS


If you want your greeting card to exclusively contain text only without any pictures and drawings, then you can download this design. You may have this printed on the cover page of your postcard and have the stock or downloaded pictures of sunny California printed on a separate page.


Vintage San Francisco Greeting Postcard


This design looks somewhat similar to most greeting cards because of the large text and the tourist landmarks within the letters. But what’s unique about this one is that the images used are hand drawings rather than actual photos. And since San Francisco is a rather long name for a place, this artistic greeting card design takes advantage of that and includes a lot of images of landmarks of The Bay Area.


Vintage Car Austin Texas Postcard



This vintage greeting card design is divided into two sections. The upper section contains the typography and the patterned background, while the lower section is has an image of a vintage automobile on a solid blue background.

You may choose to download our modern postcard designs but it is what we commonly see in stores nowadays, and vintage ones are more unique. I’m sure now you would agree with us when we say that these travel postcard designs look very similar to their authentic counterparts.

Some of these were really designed after authentic vintage postcards while some are merely inspired by it, but nevertheless, it still serves its purpose. The only thing to make it even more genuine is to have it printed on high quality card stock or thick paper. So whether you are collecting postcards or giving them out with a personalized message, these designs can do just that, so download them now.

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