For events to gain the attention that it requires, and for it to be attended by the number of people expected, it is very important to have it announced to the general public. How can it gain attendees if the people don’t even know of its existence?

It makes perfect sense that if efforts are made to promote an event effectively, the more it can generate a crowd. This is similar to the sense that if you invest on something, the more likely you can make a profit out of what you invested.

Promoting an event can be done in a lot of ways. For those with a lot of budget, they can have their event advertised on television, on the radio, online, or through the use of billboards. On the other hand, for those organizations that are on a tight budget, they can opt to make use of flyers and posters. If you prefer to use posters, then you are in the right place.

We have a collection of various poster designs that you can use to promote your summer event. Feel free to look around our site to check out our gallery of summer party poster designs.

Retro Summer Party Poster Design


If you want to use creative poster designs, then this retro design is perfect for those who prefer an artistic and creative approach to advertising a summer party.

This design uses the colors yellow and red, which are the most common colors that you can see during the summer season. The letters used for this design are big enough that even a passerby at a distance can read, which is a good move considering the design used for the background. The background itself is appealing enough to attract people and invite them to get closer to the poster to be able to reader the smaller texts.

Tropical Ibiza Summer Party Posters


This poster design uses lesser on the images and puts more emphasis on the white space. The images on this design are only limited to the bottom portion of the poster, with the upper half containing the text which does not fill the entire white space. Since the design on this poster is kept to a minimum, it makes it gentler on the eyes and also easier to read from a distance.

Summer Beach Party Poster Design


For this awesome poster design, the upper half is where you can find the features that provide enhancement to the quality of the image, which in this case, are coconut tree leaves. The lower portion of this design is simply a gradient blue background with the text overlapping it. Unlike the previous poster design, this one uses a larger font size which makes it clear and legible even if read from afar.

Night Summer Party Poster Design


If prefer to use a retro-themed look for you party poster, you may download this colorful poster design and use it for your summer night parties. This poster design leans more toward the simple side and does not rely on pictures or clip art. Rather, this poster design makes use of a textured background and relies heavily on text to provide a reader with the necessary information about the upcoming event.

Typographical Summer Party Poster Design


This typographical poster designs makes use of large and heavy font sizes to put more emphasis on the text on the foreground and not on the patterned background. The color used for the text is in a contrasting shade to the one used for the background, which makes it look like two separate elements on the design and not just a single flat image. This way, it makes it much easier to read regardless of how close or how far you are to the poster.

Vintage Summer Party Poster Design


These vintage poster designs are ideal to those who appreciate looking at images or designs of the previous decades, specifically, the 1960’s. These posters were design to be used for surf parties, or any other event related to surfing. These samples are also great for those who are unable to pick out just one design, since this a set of different poster designs that you can download for just one time only.

Whatever the theme will be for your summer party, our party poster designs will definitely fit in, even our vintage poster designs can be used to promote modern-themed parties. These poster designs were gathered from among the best ones from multiple sources, and were made by professional graphic artists worldwide.

These designs are also fully editable, especially if used with Adobe programs, which are highly compatible for editing these files. And you are assured of the best quality posters with these high resolution designs. Now get your fingers busy and start choosing from among these designs.

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