Posters have always been considered a popular tool for promotions or advertising. Starting from black and white, heavy text based designs, the face of posters has now taken an innovative and creative turn. With the originality reflected through illustration, typography, optical illusion, negative space and much more, we have today collected a list of 10 popular poster designs that hit the right chord with the people.

1. Barack Obama Hope Poster

barack obama hope poster

South Carolina born graphic designer and illustrator Shepard Fairey gained the global attention with his Hope poster for 2008 US Presidential election. The poster features a four-color portrait of the then-senator in red, beige, light and dark blue. The poster was created in a day and within no time it went viral as the symbol of the future of American Politics.

2. The Little Mermaid Poster

the little mermaid poster

The little mermaid movie poster carries the best visual and textual artistic details. Targeting and conveying the key element of the movie, the poster grabs the attention of the viewer with the readable and artistic text and visually appealing graphic.

3. Maze Runner The Scorch Trials Poster

maze runner

Maze Runner poster maximises on the element of impressive contrast. Brave and striking in its appeal, the poster uses the solid black background as an inclusive part of the poster and message. Even the simple placement of text on the background adds on to the clever design.

4. Sherlock Holmes the Game of Shadows

sherlock holmes the game of shadows


The idea of using the negative space in designing has been one trend that has surfaced on multiple design platforms. This Sherlock Holmes posters banks on the same by projecting the smoke of the pipe as a separator that doubles up as the outline of the face structure. Bold colours and creative design element match each other and create a convincing artistic design.

5. The Look of Silence Poster

silence posters

The look of silence movie poster uses illustration as the key feature to deliver the message. The red placed in contrast with black and white makes the message of the movie clear and evident.

6. Call Me Lucky Poster

call me lucky poster

Another very creative poster that uses illustration as the key element, Call Me Lucky is an absolute masterpiece. Minimum details and intricate execution in the subtle shade of light yellow and white make the artwork a visual delight.

7. Berlin 1936 Olympic Games Poster

berlin 1936 olympic games poster

The 1936 Olympic Games poster designed by Franz Würbel promoted one of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks and keeping the Führer happy in the process. Around 44 German artists had failed before Würbel for creating the perfect design for the poster.

8. Breaking Bad Poster

breaking bad poster

Breaking Bad poster reflects well on the core message of the show with chemical reactions and combinations written on the background with a plain and simple colour of green and white.

9. Luke Drozd for the Green Man Poster

luke drozd for the green man poster

Gig posters are one of the few designs through which the graphic designers can really show their passion for art and music. Designer Luke Drozd created limited edition posters for the acts to be played at the festival. The bright combination of colours beautifully reflects the energy of the music festival.

10. Perfume the Story of the Murderer Poster

perfume the story of the murderer poster

The movie which is based on the best-selling novel justifies the design of its poster with a striking colour combination of greyish black and red and a creative design feature.

If you are going through a creative block, we hope these creative designs have inspired you to create a striking and memorable poster.

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