If there is one element that can give you versatile use in multiple projects then this is the clipart designs. These designs are created in order to add character in your work while offering a strong visual element that will make them more interesting. You can use many cliparts and butterfly is one of them. If you want to find out more about the butterfly clipart then keep on reading for the following clipart collection.

Monarch Butterfly Clipart

monarch butterfly clipart

This design looks magnificent. The design of the Monarch butterfly has a detailed work that gives you a lot of ideas for upcoming projects. This one can be used in posters, book covers and greeting cards that will draw attention.

Black and White Butterfly Clipart

black and white butterfly clipart

Black and white will never constrict your imagination for new projects. The elegant design of this butterfly clipart will make any project look classic and elegant. It is available in png, pdf and wmf formats to download free of charge.

Small Butterfly Clipart

small butterfly clipart

This design has three beautiful butterflies that look cute and stylish. The multicolored approach to the design creates an interesting visual bond that will make your project stand out. The clipart is available in six different sizes to choose from.

Cartoon Butterfly Clipart

cartoon butterfly clipart

Pink is a cute color that is suitable for little girls. This makes the cartoon design a great idea for kid’s birthday cliparts and posters. You will find it in three different format files to choose while the download is free.

Butterfly Wings Clipart

butterfly wings clipart

This design has an abstract quality that is breathtaking. The blend of the blue shade colors with the lines and the curves create an interesting combination ideal for greeting cards, posters and web sites. It comes in six sizes to choose.

Animated Butterfly Clipart

animated butterfly clipart

If you are looking for animated designs then this butterfly clipart is for you. The multiple colors create an eye catching design that makes it perfect for posters, book covers and clothing prints for kids while it comes in jpg.

Tribal Butterfly Clipart

tribal butterfly clipart

This butterfly clipart comes in a gorgeous orange design that will make every project irresistible. The file comes in a gif format at 17 KB and a free of charge download to give you this beautiful design to create excellence.

Butterfly on Flower Clipart

butterfly on flower clipart

The colorful flower Cliparts with the black and white butterfly create a beautiful antithesis that looks ideal for greeting cards, web sites, blogs and poster designs. You will find it in a png format file for a free of charge download.

Flying Butterfly Clipart

flying butterfly clipart

The details of this design are making all the difference. This flying butterfly will give you excellent use in projects while it is available in a png format file and has a size of 696 x 768 px for designs.

Purple Butterfly Clipart

purple butterfly clipart

This purple butterfly would look well in projects that have a rustic or retro ambience. The details of this piece create a stunning look that is suitable for many projects like posters, greeting cards and web sites while you’ll find in jpeg.

Watercolor Butterfly Clipart

watercolor butterfly clipart

Colorful Butterfly Clipart Design

colorful butterfly clipart design

Yellow Cartoon Butterfly Clipart

yellow cartoon butterfly clipart

Vintage Butterfly Clipart

vintage butterfly clipart

Red Butterfly Clipart

red butterfly clipart

Butterfly Flowers Clipart

butterfly flowers clipart

Blue Hand Drawn Butterfly Clipart

blue hand drawn butterfly clipart

Glitter Butterfly Clipart

glitter butterfly clipart

Abstract Butterfly Clipart

abstract butterfly clipart

As you’ve already seen, the butterfly designs have a romantic touch that makes every project look inviting and eye catching. These designs are like flower clipart. The colors play the leading role guiding the eye on your projects while making them look interesting and stylish with clever and creative design.

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