The use of clipart designs can make every project look stylish and decorated with care. They are small icon designs that carry information regarding an idea or situation. Clipart is mostly used in graphic design and comes in printable and digital versions. The variety of themes allows their use in countless projects adding style and character. Keep on reading for our collection of heart clipart designs to inspire your imagination for all your future projects.

Broken Heart Cliparts

You will find various designs of broken heart clipart. In a variety of colors and designs you will find them in psd, jpg and png format files with resizable properties.

Black and White Broken Heart Clipart

black and white broken heart clipart

Broken Heart with Bandage Clipart

broken heart with bandage clipart

Red Heart Cliparts

Traditionally hearts are red and that means that most of the available designs feature red hearts in various themes and layouts, available in jpg, psd and eps format files.

Small Red Heart Clipart

small red heart clipart

Plain Red Heart Clipart

plain red heart clipart

Red Double Heart Clipart

red double heart clipart

Heart Border Cliparts

Borders come in many different designs. Add a couple hearts in there and you are set with the most romantic border design. Suitable for wedding invitations in resizable psd formats.

Heart Page Border Clipart

heart page border clipart

Black and White Heart Border Clipart

black and white heart border clipart

Candy Heart Cliparts

Heart candy has a 3D look that makes them look adorable. They carry various short messages and are suitable for many projects printed or digital. Available in psd and jpg.

Blank Candy Heart Clipart

blank candy heart clipart

Candy Cane Heart Clipart

candy cane heart clipart

Double Heart Cliparts

Double hearts are romantic and look perfect on invitation designs and greeting cards. You will find them in many designs of jpg, png and eps format with resizable characteristics.

Double Heart Wedding Clipart

double heart wedding clipart

Black and White Double Heart Clipart

black and white double heart clipart

Beating Heart Cliparts

Whether it’s a heart with a cardiogram line or an animated heart design that beats, you will find wonderful designs to style and add character in your projects.

Animated Beating Heart Clipart

animated heart

Vintage Heart Cliparts

Vintage designs come with flowers, swirls and soft colors that will give an all time classic quality to your projects. They are available in every known format file.

Vintage Pink Heart Clipart

vintage pink heart clipart

Valentine Heart Cliparts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to use heart clipart designs in your projects. Add some romance in your website or your blog using a stylish heart design for décor.

Red Valentine Heart Clipart

red valentine heart clipart

Pink Valentine Heart Clipart

pink valentine heart clipart

Valentine Candy Heart Clipart

valentine candy heart clipart

Wedding Heart Cliparts

Wedding heart clipart designs are elegant and sophisticated, suitable for wedding and bridal shower invitations. Make your invitations stand out with a creative design in resizable jpg and eps formats.

Wedding Invitation Heart Clipart

wedding invitation heart clipart

Pink Wedding Heart Clipart

pink wedding heart clipart

Swirly Heart Cliparts

The soft curves of the swirls add a romantic look to the heart designs that makes them perfect as decorative elements. You can find them in psd and eps formats.

Purple Heart Swirl Clip Art

purple heart swirl clip art

Black and White Swirly Heart Clipart

black and white swirly heart clipart

Bleeding Heart Cliparts

All across the web you can find great designs of bleeding heart clipart. You can use them in many project designs and find them in psd, eps and jpg formats.

Flaming Heart Cliparts

The flames add a touch of wild outlook on the heart designs. Available in a variety of color combinations in psd, eps and jpg formats to resize and use.

Red Flaming Heart Clipart

red flaming heart clipart

Blue Flaming Heart Clipart

blue flaming heart clipart

Tribal Heart Cliparts

Tribal heart clipart has bold and outgoing designs that are suitable for a number of digital and printed projects. You can find them in jpg, png formats with resizable properties.

Tribal Heart Clipart with Wings

tribal heart clipart with wings

Celtic Tribal Heart Clipart

celtic tribal heart clipart

Heart clipart designs can be used for background elements, border designs, frames as well as dividers to add character to a great variety of projects.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day in order to use a clipart heart design. You can incorporate these designs in almost every project. The variety of styles and designs will allow you to use a mix and match idea for creative designs that will look amazing to your audience.

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