Cliparts Collection

A clipart is a form of graphic art that is a pre-made illustrative image and is used both commercially and personally. ClipArt images are used excessively as they do not use stock photography and are made of exclusive illustration. For simple computer graphics, look to computer icons for a large section of images, bullets, buttons and assorted goods.  For business sites, look to small colorful business vector images, photos, and animation that is related to banks and money. Look to document icons for tons of clipart images of notebooks, books, paperwork, and documents. Read More

What Clipart designs should one consider?

Alphabetical clipart is usually forms of colorful 2-3D letters than range from A to Z, symbols and numbers. You may notice various options such as Gothic, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Floral, Medieval, Baroque and Illustration. Plants and Nature clipart including photo-like images or flowers, plants, bunnies, vats, bears, fish and ocean, insects, animals and butterflies are available with simple black and white clipart graphics with various leaves, flowers, trees, etc. Choose botanical icons of detailed color print specifics of plants and flowers that range from small or medium in size.

What themes one can use?

If you find yourself searching for Medical and Health-related clipart illustrations from the class medical text Anatomy are available in black and white or some in color with details. There are other anatomy illustrations that offer more serious graphics with medically labelled terminology. Use medical images and illustrations of various plants, bacteria, viruses, animals and illustrations of human anatomy such as illustrations of the bones, muscles, etc. Colorful images of doctors, ambulances, medical equipment, syringes, pills and patients are also available.

How does one make it more creative?

For a child’s themed design, look to kids clip art such as animals, fish and aquatic mammals, amphibians, dinosaurs as well as sports. Animal clipart contains hundreds of animal images in various sizes and shapes which includes lobsters, insects, crabs, spiders, scorpions, frogs, spiders, birds, fish and more. Look to black and white clip art images of animals or choose birthday clip art of happy children, cakes, balloons among other party graphics.


The use of clipart images is governed by the rights of individual copyrights and usage rights. These rights are important to acknowledge as the image must be used in a permitted and legal way. Foods and Drink clipart’s are also very color with small cartoon like images with animation of fruits, drinks, vegetables, etc. Look to holiday clipart and sports as well as flags to celebrate the special holidays.