If your projects have a school related theme then using clipart designs will help you embellish it in a creative way. These designs come in various layouts, colors and styles bringing you a vast variety of designs to help you choose the correct one for your projects. In today’s post we are going to delve into the school clipart designs that you have available through a detailed collection of designs that we prepared for you.

School Bus Clipart

school bus clipart

This cute school bus will help you give a fun element in a school presentation regarding means of transport or anything school related subject. You can find it in a png format file of 1000 x 750 px size.

Black and White School Clipart

black and white school clipart

You can start or close a presentation at school with this adorable clipart design. The stack of book Cliparts with the smiling apple on top creates a fun addition to many projects while you can also use it for drawing class.

School Building Clipart

school building clipart

This school building clipart has a pleasant look that is suitable for school related web pages, blogs for kids and presentations. The bold colors are going to leave a pleasant impression to young students while it comes in jpg format.

High School Clipart

high school clipart

This design would look incredible in a welcoming banner at the school’s premises. It will also help you create a high school themed greeting card with beautiful colors. It is available in a jpg format that you can freely download.

School Lunch Clipart

school lunch clipart

You can add a different design that is still related to the school theme. This school lunch design can give you a stunning look with a jpg format file that you can use in any project that you already have.

School Bag Clipart

school bag clipart

Cartoon designs have a certain appeal to all ages. This one looks beautiful with vibrant colors and decorative elements. It is available in six different colors to choose from while the resolution of the clipart ranges between 72 and 300 dpi.

Back to School Clipart

back to school clipart

This design has a stunning back to school element with a school bag and other school supplies that will make your projects look fantastic. It is available in jpeg format file with 49KB size and 400 x 400 dimensions.

School Board Clipart

school board clipart

This clipart design could work perfectly as a background element for a school function invitation. It has an interesting design of a green chalkboard along with decorative elements. This fun design is available in a png format file.

Free School Clipart

free school clipart

This round clipart design has a creative layout that will amaze everyone that sees your project. You can find it in a png format file with 750 x 750 px size that will allow you to fit it almost everywhere.

School Supplies Clipart

school supplies clipart

Flat School Clipart

flat school clipart

Chalkboard School Clipart

chalkboard school clipart

Kids in School Bus Clipart

kids in school bus clipart

Pre School Clipart

pre school clipart

Cartoon Back to School Clipart

cartoon back to school clipart

Cartoon School Bus Clipart

cartoon school bus clipart

Hand Drawn School Clipart

hand drawn school clipart

Colorful School Clipart Design

colorful school clipart design

Summer School Clipart

summer school clipart

Clipart designs can help you decorate your projects. Whether it is a school presentation or a greeting card, with a clipart design of a school you will be able to add style and color to your work designs. Also you can pass a certain message regarding school and their importance.

You can mix these designs with the book clipart that is related with learning and school. Choose clipart that will attract attention to your designs through their color combinations as well as their interesting subject. We really hope that our collection managed to find a stylish design for your projects.

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