In almost every digital image created, especially those that require the use of human character for visual representation, we would either use a stock photograph of an actual person or download a pre-illustrated character from the internet. The latter is usually used if less realism and more visual appeal is preferred.

On our website, we have a whole gallery of office character vector illustrations in the vector format that you can download. Use these images of busy characters for all your photo editing needs. You may use it to make promotional or advertising vehicles such as flyers, posters, or banners, or you can use it for presentations and discussions. The possible uses of these illustrations are endless, and it is only up to you and your creativity on how you can apply these to your digital creations.


Medical Staff Character Illustration


Medical health providers are, without a doubt, one of the busiest professionals ever. Since they are more into handling people’s lives and well-being, they would usually end up neglecting their own. From not being able to eat meals on time to a lack of sleep, you would know that these people sacrifice their own lives for the welfare of others. If you are making a picture that is related to the medical profession, then these human illustrations are useful.

Female Clerk Character Illustration


Office clerks are usually not confined to doing office tasks exclusively. They are also assigned in doing other tasks that are outside the office as well, like running errands. In general, you could say office clerks are multi-functional; their job includes answering phones, sending and receiving documents, filing, sorting mails, and many more. If you want to make a caricature visual representation of an office clerk, then download these character vector illustrations.


Active Businessman Character Illustration


Businesswoman Character Illustration


For fully editable images of a businessman and woman, the illustrations above are the perfect choices for you. These illustrations clearly show the various tasks that a business person does during their regular day at work. If you are trying to discuss to an audience and require illustrations to represent a busy working person, then use these images.


Busy Businesspeople in Motion Illustrations


If you are in need of both male and female business person illustrations, then download this set of images and get a bargain instead of having to download from each gender. Choose which character illustration you want to use from this set and don’t worry about the quality. These illustration designs are in vector format which means you can enlarge small images without pixelating them.


Successful Businessman Character Illustrations



This set of flat illustrations of a businessman provides us with a clear image on what they do to help them become successful. In this set of images, a businessman is interacting with clients, having a discussion on the status of the company, investing money for future purposes, among others.


Black Jacket and Pants Businesswoman Illustrations



Gray Suit and Skirt Businesswoman Illustrations



The set of businesswoman illustrations above are perfect for those who prefer a more artistic approach to illustrating people. These graphic illustrations lean more toward caricature art and less on realism. Choose from among these two outfits and these various poses for your project.

Have you figured out how to effectively use these busy character illustrations? We assure you of the most creative and attractive images if you choose to use any of these illustrations. Why? Because these were designed by talented and inventive artists, and we made sure to gather from the best reliable sources online just to provide you with the best quality.

These illustrations can be downloaded easily for a reasonable fee. Simply click on the download button, pay the desired amount, and these illustrations can be yours without restrictions. Since these images are in vector format—which means it can be edited easily and each element of the character such as the limb positions, facial expressions, and accessories can be replaced—you will be able to do what you want with these images without compromising on the quality. If these character designs are what you need, then start downloading now.

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