Anime and cartoon characters have a soul of their own and the child in us always relate to cartoon characters faster than anything else. Character designs are inspired by the classic animations that we all have loved in movies or comics. Depending upon the target audience and the platform where it is displayed, character designs will vary widely. Here we have shared few character designs for you to sprinkle the life in your work!

Anime Character Designs

Anime fans will love anime characters as they are available in innumerable avatars. You can make an avatar of any person you know. They are stylish and with good detailing of features you can make the best out it.

3D Anime Character Design

3d anime character design

Fairy Tale Anime Character Design

fairy tail anime character design

Disney Character Designs

Disney has benchmarked in the field of animation and using a character design inspired from a Disney character is sure to gather some applause. Make some modifications and you will have your own personalized character.

Disney Princess Character Design

disney princess character design

Disney Cartoon Character Design

disney cartoon character design

3D Character Designs

3D character designs are the trendy animation in today’s date and to keep up with the trend you should get a 3D character with personalized features incorporated in them so that people can relate better.

Realistic 3D Character Design

realistic 3d character design

3D Cartoon Character Design

3d cartoon character design

Game Character Designs

Gaming has attained a new level with the advancement of technology and so have the gaming character. Gaming character designs should be based on the type of game they are in.

Video Game Character Design

video game character design

Horror Game Character Design

horror game character design

Flat Character Designs

Flat characters have a subtle touch to themselves that makes us involved with the characters. There is no color specification for flat character as even black shade looks subtle here.

Female Flat Character Design

female flat character design

Batman Flat Character Design

batman flat character design

Comic Character Designs

We all love comic and there are some comic characters that will remain with us forever. Such character should be inspired more from a living person and less from imagination.

Marvel Comic Character Design

marvel comic character design

Comic Book Character Design

comic book character design

Female Character Designs

Use the feminine features to create beautiful and attractive female character designs. Make them wear fabulous clothes according to the role they are expected to play. They should send a statement of strength and beauty.

Fat Female Character Design

fat female character design

Female Warrior Character Design

female warrior character design

Animal Character Designs

Animal characters have always been our favorite since childhood. They can be made realistic or animated to give special features and expressions. It will be loved anyhow.

Sea Animals Character Design

sea animals character design

Wild Animals Character Design

wild animals character design

Superhero Character Designs

Superhero lives a dual identity and your superhero will also have a dual character design but there should be enough differences and resemblance. The outfit of the superhero should be attractive and catchy one.

Young Superheroes Character Design

young superheroes character design

Female Superhero Character Design

female superhero character design

Robot Character Designs

The imagination for a robot character goes to a limitless end. You can run your hands for anything and any feature you wish to give. There are no restrictions on how it should look as it is with creating human characters.

3D Robot Character Design

3d robot character design

Geek Robot Character Design

geek robot character design

Monster Character Designs

The features of monster will differ according to its nature. Is it a good and cute monster that needs to be rescued or is it a disastrous monster that needs to be salvaged? Your design will be based on the answer to this question.

Scary Monster Character Design

scary monster character design

Green Monster Character Design

green monster character design

Star Wars Character Designs

Star wars has a world of its own and with the endless numbers of characters in this series; you will get a lot of options to design. They can be flat characters or can be made 3D animated as per your wish.

Star Wars Character Clipart Design

star wars character clipart design

Retro Character Designs

The era of 90s has an animation story of its own. Characters inspired from the 90s will leave everyone nostalgic and the new generation will also love it for its colorful depiction of everything.

Retro Video Game Character Design

retro video game character design

Retro Businessman Character Design

retro businessman character design

Kids Character Designs

Kids have special expressions that most of the adults are missing and so making kids character designs is fun as you can experiment with the emotions and expression.

3D Kid Character Design

3d kid character design

Book Character Designs

Books tell stories of love, fun, adventure and even horror. The book character should be depicted on the basis of what it contains inside.

Jungle Book Character Design

jungle book character design

Story Book Character Design

story book character design

Full Body Character Designs

Full body depiction should incorporate every minute detail of your character starting from the clothes to the shoes and even the hairstyle it carries.

Full Body Soccer Character Design

full body soccer character design

Full Body Anime Character Design

full body anime character design

Fruit Character Designs

Fruit characters are mostly filled with vibrant colors and are made into flat characters and you can give them different expressions for different moods.

Tropical Fruits Character Design

tropical fruits character design

Apple Fruit Character Design

apple fruit character design

Alien Character Designs

Alien characters can have any kind of imaginative feature you want and there is no restriction on their physique, color or anything else.

Cartoon Alien Character Design

cartoon alien character design

Green Alien Character Design

green alien character design

Digital Character Designs

Give your digital character a personality and catchy expressions. Give them funky props and accessories while giving some consideration to basic expressions as well.

Digital Female Character Design

digital female character design

Digital Game Character Design

digital game character design

Halloween Character Designs

Halloween characters are mostly dark and shady but it is not a dogma that you can’t defy. You can use colorful and fun loving characters also. Character designing might seem a little tricky and tacky at first but with regular input you will love the output. Never forget to take others views as per your target audience and grow further. Give special attention to the characteristics and you will get brilliant output.

Cute Halloween Character

cute halloween character

Funny Halloween Cartoon Character

funny halloween cartoon character

Get interactive with your characters, love them and keep going with frequent modifications. Hope this handful of tips will help you through the little.

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